In this category the following roles:



It is the town Psychologist but not only, they know the citizens and helps them if they have problems. If native of Steelwood, often works alonside with the healers.


Man or woman that give spiritual assistance. Steelwood has not a real religion, the human concept of religion didn’t exist on Arius. Sometimes it happens that alien visitors try to convert the inhabitants of the planet to their own religion. In any case, every attempt proved to be a failure.
Other races have however built buildings of worship on the territory of Steelwood with the approval of the population.

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Keeper of the library and the written archive of the city. Before the technology arrived, the documents were stored in books and scrolls. The librarian is also an expert in the history of the planet and the city. It is said that he read every book that exists in the city.


Resident storyteller or vagabond. A work that is disappearing from the planet after the arrival of humans. In the past they were also used as messengers, although considered not too reliable. Now they can be found at the tavern or in the square, singing songs of old legends or telling stories of past heroes.

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