Magic, sorry to say, doesn’t exist. Yet this doesn’t mean that you can’t have powers. In fact your race can have powers as long as these can be explained by science, (Look for example to Star Trek, some races have powers that can be explained with science),

These powers must be explained in detail in your character card. Use your fantasy and don’t be afraid to try, admins will contact you in case some corrections or some improvements are necessary.

For each skill/power you MUST also have a weakness. You can have up to 5 skills/powers and each you must have a weakness. For example you can’t have 5 skills/powers and 3 weakness, they must be always at the same number. Under here a list of skills/powers pre-approved. There is not a list of weaknesses, you can be creative on that but try to don’t overpower your character or admins will limit your skills.


Accepted skills by default (no need Admins approval) max 5 powers 


Telepathy (limited to the same race)

Camouflage (not shapeshifting)

Increased strength

Increased speed

Increased sight (not through walls)

Increased hearing (also through walls in a 20 meters range max)

Increased jump (max 20 meters high), avatar legs must be proportionate

Increased voice strenght

Flying (must have wings or a flying device). Flying is also admitted with flying devices for short time to everyone.

Spit acid or poison (disgusting but fun)

Poisonous bite

Underwater breath (avatar must have gills and should wear special equipment to survive out of the water)

Increased hold breathing (max 1 hour)

High/Low Pressure increased resistance

Increased skin resistance

Increased heat resistance

Increased cold resistance

Electricity generation on contact (like electric fishes, can’t kill with it)

Increased learning skills

Increased diplomatic skills

Increased language skills (can speak up to 20 languages)

Increased weapons skills

Increased repairing skills


Pick only the powers that you know you can manage with your character. Remember not to pick skills only ‘cause they are cool, ‘cause then your character will need to prove that really has these skills!

Other powers or skills can be approved too if in line with the sim rules. Just contact admins with your ideas about them.

In some cases are admitted more than 5 skills (example robots, cyborg or androids), but you must have the approval of admins and still must add also weaknesses to balance.

IMPORTANT! Don’t roleplay things without to have the admins ok, it’s important to avoid godmodding!

Science is a great thing! You can have special devices that can do different things. You don’t need to throw fireballs from your hand when you have a laser gun! As the same you don’t need special magical powers to read other minds if you have a neural reader device!

Use your fantasy, make your device explaining it on notecard, send it to admins to validate it.

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