In this category the following roles:



Men or women that studies the planet using the scientific method. They are usually from other planets. Most of the time they work for big companies looking for new sources of energy or plants/minerals with special properties.


Always a scientist, they specialize in the study of he flora of Arius. They often seek the help of the Healers.


Scientist that studies the DNA of Arius species, included Ariusians.

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They usually work for companies in Steelwood and hare highly trained. Are used to design machines and fix/build robots or androids. Ariusan engineers are extremely rare.


Not expert like an engineer, they usually provide help to the natives when they don’t understand the modern technology.


Aliens and natives that spend the time to invent new machines to help daily works. They can be more skilled than engineers but they don’t have an official degree. Lot of Ariusian are enthusiastic about modern technology and live by creating small machines to sell to natives to help them with their daily chores.

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Computer and computer experts, they are responsible for programming the robot software of the companies operating in Steelwood. Usually they are not natives of Arius.


They study the sky using old and new technology.



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