Rules of Steelwood Sim
Update February 2019

General rules

  • For Visitors
    Visitors can explore the sim and even interact with residents if they agree obviously.
  • Do not enter in private houses, even if you don’t see ban lines , this no means that you can enter. If you see a decorated house probably this house has a owner, don’t enter.
  • Sim is adult but NO SEX IN PUBLIC IS PERMITTED IN SIM! At the same time , no KIDS AVATARS ARE ADMITTED and NO FULL NAKED AVATARS. It’s really easy, if in RL a thing that you want to do here will be punished if made in public, here is the same.  Use private houses to have sex is even worst.
  •  Ask before to rez stuff! Builder here broken his back to make a nice sim, respect him! Don’t rez stuff around the sim or use it like a sandbox, you will make him really pissed and a pissed builder is unpredictable… you are warned.
  • Combat in sim is not open, remember that even if you have a weapon, this no means that you can use it.
  • Have fun!
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