In this category the following roles:



Leader, founder or member of a political party. (Real life parties are not accepted).

Trade unionist

Defender of the rights of native workers, they confronts the alien companies operating on Arius.


Defender of the rights of natives or aliens. They can be from Arius or other planets.

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It is a member of the city council, profound connoisseur of the laws of Arius. It is chosen from time to time.


Inhabitant of Steelwood in charge of dealing with the ambassadors or members of the other races on the planet. He depends on the city council.

Town council member

The town council is made up to 5 members, including 3 natives of Steelwood and 2 representing the alien races on the planet.
Members of the city council are elected every 2 years (1 Earth year). They have the power to pass laws, rights and bans on the Steelwood territory.


The title of mayor did not exist before the humans arrived. Still the mayor is not elected by the population but by the city council. Despite the title, the mayor is a mere bearer of voice of the city council. He/she has no decision-making power over council choices.

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