In this category the following roles:



Deals with trading goods between Steelwood and the other cities of Arius. Recently also the trading with other planets is growing. The traders reports to the city council and follow its rules. That is why this is the legal version of smugglers.

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Cargo ships pilot

Usually it is also the trader himself. Civilian pilot sometimes with military past. They also performs civil transport of people upon payment.


Expert in preparing food with local and non-local ingredients. They work in the main tavern of the city or along with the Innkeepers.


Same as cook but less expert in food and more in drinks. They like to talk and are good listeners, which make them a great source of information of all kind. They also trade goods in the shadow from time to time and often has illegal drinks.They work in the main tavern of the city.


Farm workers are strong, independent people that deals with producing and trading food and meat in exchange for goods or money. Really good/smart farmers can become really rich.


The innkeeper works in the town Inn. They welcome and take care of visitors, giving them temporary accommodation for a small fee. They are good in history and traditions of the city, although most of the time they will only tell you fairy tales or legends. They can also organize public events.


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