In this category the following roles:


A person skilled in providing first aid and in performing complex surgical operations. They are extremely prepared in xenobiology and surgery. The natives of Steelwood are not normally so prepared, most of the doctors are in fact from other planets.

Often to perform complex operations, patients are transported on spaceships or on a space base because Steelwood’s technology is not yet sufficiently advanced. Only the Capital of the planet has advanced medical facilities like the rest of the planets.


Usually they are Steelwood natives who want to learn the profession of doctor. They work closely with the doctors and take care of first aid and perform simple surgical operations.


Immagine correlataTraditional Steelwood native doctor. Usually more like shamans or druids. They are the keepers of the most ancient traditions. More than on science, their way of acting is based on ancient rituals designed to heal the patient.
They are seen with suspicion by some races, including humans who consider them liers and fakers without any real medical knowledge.
In reality the long life of the natives is also due to them. Healers in fact possess some healing qualities not entirely explained by modern science. In the past there have been cases of healing even from deadly diseases thanks to their intervention. Deep connoisseurs of native plants on the planet and the healing techniques of minerals and stones, are regarded with high esteem by the natives of the planet and also by some alien races.

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