General rules

Normally you can visit Steelwood with your own avatar, but there are some rules to respect:

  • Children avatars are forbidden. Don’t come in Steelwood if you look like a child.
  • Extremely laggy avatars are forbidden, If you are load of scripts, you can make the sim to crash. Check your scripts before to teleport in Steelwood. Any issue caused by your avatar will be sanctioned with a ban and a report to Linden Labs.
  • Don’t grief the sim! Griefers are punished with a grid ban and Linden Labs report.
  • Don’t leave rezzed object around. The sim is not a sandbox, not even a dump. If you want a place where to prove your building skills, you can rent a sim by your own or use a sandbox, but not Steelwood.
  • Don’t bother residents or other visitors, some of them live here and even if they are kind with guests, they don’t want to be bothered.
  • If you notice some players in the middle of roleplay, don’t contact them in local chat, use the instant messages.
  • Even if the sim looks quiet, there are always admins and owners logged to check if rules are respected, so don’t try to be sneaky, you will fail.
  • Magic Huds, builder huds, combat huds are banned! Don’t use them here.

In short:

Be nice and respect others space and privacy. Steelwood is a very kind community and we are happy to have you here to visit us, just respect the few rules over here.


Thank you and enjoy your visit in Steelwood.


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