Earthquake in Steelwood! – Part 1

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ: Looks around and wonders”Where is the king today we got an invitation but he is not here?” sits then down on a bank

Hikari: Observes those coming in. “Greetings Lady Laura, Maraya”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ:Nods to all “Nice to see you for gathering and some wine possibly” she grins

Mera Tammas: Greetings everybody

Max Arkala: Good Evening everyone

Mera Tammas: I noticed that the king already came

Mera Tammas: “Your Majesty”

Max Arkala:”Your shamany”

Hikari: Gives the Fae a cheeky smile. “Sounds good, just remember that excess of it may get you in troubles Maraya” She gives the King a nod. “Greetings Sire”

Laura Polke: rises as she sees the king enter. She nods her head in respect, “Greetings Your Majesty.” she hears a familiar voice and smiles. “Greetings Grand Shaman.”

Max Arkala: waves ” Good evening again everyone, brother , all fine I hope”

Hikari: “Greetings Grand Shaman”

Mera Tammas: “Greetings High Priestess. I expectey you to be here today.”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ: “Greetings King Max and Mera” she looks around to find an answer”Uhm me excess? Nono.”

Artorias Arkala: looks over to the king and waves “ah yeah…I managed to get the chef to make some elf soup..should taste good..especially with the ears” he grins then looks over to the others “greetings lady hikari…lady mera”

Max Arkala: waves

Laura Polke: motions to one of the servants, “A cup of tea please.” She looks over to art with her eyebrow raised, “Anyone we know Your Highness?”

Max Arkala: mumbles ” probably Legolas”

Mera Tammas: whispers to Lady Laura “is this tea safe here?”

Hikari: Raises a brow at the Prince. “That doesn’t sounds appetizing at all, but each one their own I guess, as long as you stay away from my kin, and greetings for you too Sire”

Artorias Arkala: scratches his chin “hm the kitchen hand was in there but I asked the guards to collect more so yeah probably someone we know is in that bowl” shrugs

Laura Polke: accepts the tea from the servant and smiles a thank you. She stirs her tea to cool it then replies to mera, “Of course Mera, it has always been safe. I have not had any issues with the tea.”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ: Hears the whispering and whispers”Better not. drinking nothing is save. Haha”

Mera Tammas: “Do you think so, Maraya?”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ:shrugs”What i say about it doesnt matter you will find out when you drink.”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ: grabs some cherries and water from the table and fills a cup

Max Arkala: tilts his head ” uhm… I am more nervous than usually tonight, must be the full moon

Hikari: raises a brow at the comments about the tea, while Laura is drinking hers without any trouble. “Was there a problem with the tea? I’m sure if it doesn’t suits your taste you could ask for something else instead Mera”

Laura Polke: quietly sips her tea, enjoying the rich flavor of the blend, “I so enjoy the tea hear at the castle. It seems the cooks can find a blend that I cannot acquire with simple trade.”

—————The cat sitting at the table starts to act in a strange manner, meowing non stop————

Scared cat: MEOOOOOWWW….

Hikari: Turns to look at the King, “mhmm I don’t think is the full moon Sire, I can feel something in the air too, and the full moon has never affected me”

Scared cat: MEOOOOOWWW….

Mera Tammas: throw out these cats!!


Artorias Arkala: raises an brow at the cat “huh…why is it meowing…so much”
———Out of the deep dark depths of Steelwood the earth shifted. A crack could be heard through out the land as a wave emanating from the center radiates through out the land. Dust falling from the ceilings of the houses, rocks roll down from the mountains as they become dislodged from the mountain sides. Trees sway as the wave passes by them and the water ripples following the wave splashing upon the furtherest shore line.———–

Laura Polke: rises and drops her cup on the table as wave runs through the castle. Dust falls on her heard.

Artorias Arkala: stood up from his seat and looked around for the noises “what is going on?” he looks over to the windown hoping to see something

Max Arkala: stands up scared ” AN EARTHQUAKE!!! RUN!!!”

Hikari: Her eyes open wide as the earth wave hits the castle,
reaching for the table for stability. “What in the Helheim”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ: “I cant stay in this castle”

Hikari: “Well, all you hear the King GOO ”

Laura Polke: hears the king run out of the castle and follows him

Artorias Arkala: whistles for his dog

Hikari: Waits at the entrance to see if everyone made it out, observes Art calling for his dog. “Sire hurry out”

Mera Tammas: “What happened?”

Mera Tammas: “Are we safe?”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ: flys up to have a better view

Max Arkala: woofs and runs in circle

Hikari: Looks around, giving the King a worried look. “Is everyone alright?”

Laura Polke: watches the King run around,, being ulfjal he is more sensitive to the earthquake, “Calm down Your Majesty. The Earthquake is over. Is anyone hurt?” as she looks around

Max Arkala: looks down in the garden and points his finger without say a word

Artorias Arkala: walks out his dog walking beside an curling up at his leg he looks at his brother “uh…does running in circles help?…I can feel the earthquake but not this much…”

Laura Polke: yells, “Watch out! Run!” as she sees part of the castle fall

Mera Tammas: “Probably my home is more safe”

Hikari: “Careful everyone, go to the garden area”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ: “Careful there!”

Artorias Arkala: pulls his dog out of the wreckage and runs away with him

Laura Polke: looks over to arts puppy, “Is he ok Your Highness?”

Mera Tammas: “How good that I didn’t oder this tea”

Max Arkala: swallows and growls

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ: “Are the servants also out of the castle?”

Artorias Arkala: crouches down to see it “hm I think so…the stone fell on me before him” he touches its limbs to see if it they´re broken

Max Arkala: shouts: FATHER WILL BE PISSED !!!

Hikari: Observes the castle has damage and wonders how is her own house, and more importantly, how are Loki and Sly.. she sighs getting bad thought out of her mind. “Sire, please calm down, I’m sure it can be fixed”

Laura Polke: kneels down beside art to check the puppy


Hikari: sighs louder this time. “Laura, don’t you have anything we can give to the King to calm him?”

Artorias Arkala: facepalms seeing his brother freaking out “Max calm down…its not that bad”

Max Arkala: runs in a corner

Mera Tammas: I think that we can stay here

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ:”I still have some lavender but i dont know what it does to Max. I am also unsure about the castle….”

Mera Tammas: “Your Majesty. Sit with us”

Max Arkala: howls

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ: run! Stones fall down

Laura Polke: checks the puppy then looks over to art, “ARe you injured Your Highness?” she looks over to Hikari, “Yes I do have something to calm him down but I do not think he will take it.” Another rock breaks free, she places her self between the rock and the prince

Max Arkala: howls loudly

Artorias Arkala: hmph no time ” he picks up the puppy and moves away from the rock falling

Hikari: Furrows her brow and walks towards the King, her movements slow trying not to frighten him anymore, her voice as calm as possible for the current situation. “Sire, please calm down, is going to be alright” She kneels near him.

Mera Tammas: “Let’s go from here

Max Arkala: howls

Max Arkala: HOWLS

Hikari: Stands and gives Laura a worried look

Max Arkala: breaths fast

Hikari: Observes another piece of the castle falling nearby. “please Sire, this place is not safe, come with us”

Max Arkala: HOWLS

Laura Polke: approaches the King and Hikari. She kneels down next to the King, “Calm down Your Majesty. Everything is fine,” She reaches out her hand, ‘Come, take my hand and let us get away from the castle. It will be safer if we go down the hill.”

Max Arkala: growls and stands up

Mera Tammas: “Let’s go to the village”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ: holds some tiny lavender under his nose

Max Arkala: sneezes

Hikari: Lets out a breath and follows the both of them.

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ: “I think its not much save her” she looks around and up to the castle

Max Arkala: Ah chooo!

Hikari: “Bless you”

Laura Polke: “Bless you Your Majesty.”

Max Arkala: sniffs ” to the village ” looks to maraya and still a lot agitated

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ:”Ehw did you sneeze on me?”

Artorias Arkala: tries to dodge his sneeze and covers the pup with his arm “damn it max don´t do that on me”

Max Arkala: growls

Hikari: “Alright people you hear the King, lets move, is not safe here”

Mera Tammas: “Looks if her house is still on the place”

Max Arkala: looks around ” one of the two towers gone”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ: Runs almost into Artorias

Mera Tammas: “oh, it collapsed”

Hikari: Lands nearby after a quick fly in which she tried to asset the damage. “Some of the buildings have been damaged, and a few trees lay on the ground too, also the lake’s waters are dirty with gravel”

Laura Polke: shakes her head, “I wonder what else has been destroyed. Let’s check the other houses to see if anyone has been trapped inside.”

Max Arkala: woofs

Mera Tammas: “I hope that nobody has been trapped inside”

Mera Tammas: “And how is our tavern?”

Max Arkala: looks in the direction of the tavern ” seems fine”

Hikari: “As soon as everyone calms down, we should send the guards to look for victims” Raises a brow at Mera. “From the sky it seemed fine, but I bet is a mess inside with all the liquor bottles and dishes”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ: “I dont care much about houses or stuff i hope nobody got injured. ”

Luna: Walked closly the crowded area after felt the eartquake.”Is everythınğ alrığht?” Trıed to jump ın to conversatıon.

Max Arkala: nods to her ” scared but fine”

Laura Polke: looks around and sees the waters have turned red, “Your Majesty! the waters! They are red!

Artorias Arkala: sighed and looked at the damage around “damn…why is this happening now? I didin´t even finish that soup ugh”

Hikari: Gives the newcomer a quick nod. “We are fine, not sure about others tho”

Max Arkala: looks more quiet and turns to the others ” we can go in the tavern so ” turns to the waters ” well, later… now is better to go to check the tavern”

Mera Tammas: “Red water? Awful”

Artorias Arkala: look to the side to see the newcomer “huh luna are you alright?”

Laura Polke: nods in agreement with the King, “Yes we need to see if evie is ok.”

Hikari: “Alright Sire, just be careful where you step in case there is broken glass on the floor” she says observing his bare paws.

Max Arkala: runs to the tavern

Laura Polke: follows the King to check on evie

Max Arkala: looks to the others ” the sign fell down”

Mera Tammas: “Don’t go inside!!”

Max Arkala: turns to mera ” it looks fine”

Hikari: “I saw it, the inside must be a mess, I don’t envy Evie”

Laura Polke: enters the tavern, not caring of the danger to check on evie, “Evie, are you ok?”

Mera Tammas: “Ufff. Fortunately Evie is alive”

Hikari: remains in the air, not to step on broken glass.

Laura Polke: approaches evie as she sees evie cleaning the dust off the bar and complaining, “I am fine m’lady. Just another mess to clean up.”

Luna: Stepped In wıth Arto and looked around.Took a deep breath as hopınğ everyone ıs okay at steelwood.

Hikari: Looks around the building’s walls and roof. “It seems this building was not really damaged by the earthquake, how lucky, it can be used as temporary refuge for those whose houses were damaged”

Max Arkala: looks around ” seems fine here , we need to go to check the other things now ” looks to Mera ” your house is under the mountain, better to check it”

Artorias Arkala: looked over his leg noticing his pup still is with him he looks to the others “damn what can we do now? half of the land fell on us”

Mera Tammas: “The kitchen is also intact. very good”

Laura Polke: nods, “Yes, lets go check the other houses.”

Hikari: nods in agreement

Mera Tammas: “I saw my house from the distance

Mera Tammas: It was still standing

Laura Polke: approaches to see Mera’s house aflaime, “Mera NO!

Mera Tammas: “Oh. the lamp fell down. I liked it so much”

Max Arkala: yells to Mera ” Mera , watch out!”

Mera Tammas: and doors

Mera Tammas: “Now everybody can go inside

Max Arkala: shouts: “Are you crazy? there is a fire”

Hikari: Furrows her brow and turns trying to find Mera among the others, hoping she ain’t taking it too bad”

Mera Tammas: “I don’t see any fire”

Laura Polke: begins to cough due to the smoke and backs away

Max Arkala: starts to speak with Skoll ” We need your assistance here, please I beg you to help us”

Mera Tammas: cries: “Oh, what’s that? The rain ”

Laura Polke:watches the rain fall just around mera’s house, putting out the fir

Max Arkala: looks at the rain and whispers ” thanks”

Mera Tammas: “Thanks Skoll”

Mera Tammas: “Now I will have a lot of work to do”

Hikari: Covers her head as the rain starts pouring. “well it seems someone heard you Sire” she makes a face and mumbles. “now I’m wet…great”

Luna: ”Everythınğ wıll be okay,I hope.”Looks at mera.

Laura Polke: nods, “I will help you Mera. I am just very happy you are safe.”

Luna: Nods.”Everybody can help”

Max Arkala: peaks inside ” curtains burned, the rest looks fine”

Mera Tammas: my new curtains

Max Arkala: ” are last of our problems like now ” looks around ” let’s go to check the old towers, they were already not so safe”

Laura Polke: nods

Hikari: Nods and follows

Luna: Nods

Max Arkala: tilts the head ” I don’t remember this cave”

Laura Polke:sees a cave, “I don’t either Your Majesty. Was there one here before?”

Mera Tammas: “it must be something new”

Max Arkala: shakes his head ” Maybe covered by stones, this place is full of caves…” peaks inside ” it’s dark, i can’t see a lot”

Luna: Shruğs.”I’m sure ıt wasn’t there before.”

Hikari: “Thats must be, because there was non before” she tilts her head with curiosity “I wonder what is inside it”

Mera Tammas: “Better not go inside

Max Arkala: moves slowly inside ” Hello???” shrugs to Mera ” humans… so brave”

Artorias Arkala: “hmph only one way to find out ” walked near the caver but not quite entering it

Luna: ”But Don’t we need to know whats ınsıde here?” Followed arto

Max Arkala: walks out ” come, nothing of dangerous”

Laura Polke: “What is in there Your Majesty?”

Max Arkala: turns to them ” come and watch”

Hikari: “Ufjalls”She mumbles shaking her head, and yet she also follows out of curiosity

Artorias Arkala: shrugs “fine but if I die I´ll haunt you all”

Artorias Arkala: entered the caver

Luna: Moved her hand to her dağğer and followed hım.

Artorias Arkala: scratches his head “huh what is this?”

Max Arkala: sniffs the air ” something of really old so seems , from the stink…”

Luna: looks around ”Dıd we dead?”

Laura Polke: exits the cave to see a beautiful garden and runis, “Wow. what is this place?”

Mera Tammas: we are in heaven

Hikari: Looks around: “This certainly doesn’t look like a cave, how strange”

Max Arkala: tilts his head ” I breath, i don’t think…” chuckles

Artorias Arkala: walked closer to the statue in the middle he wonders what it is for

Max Arkala: looks on the ground ” mushrooms! Mera, look , your preferred food” chuckles

Hikari: “This reminds me a fairy ring with all these mushrooms around” she says observing the ground. “But it doesnt feel like one”

Artorias Arkala: looks at his pup sniffing the mushrooms at the statue he pushes it away and crouches to see them

Luna: ”I don’t suğğest to touch anythınğ.” shruğs and steps closer to statue.

Max Arkala: sniffs the other mushrooms and twists his nose ” far from that stuff, is poisonus”

Mera Tammas: “I can use these muchrooms to brew my soups”

Hikari: She kneels and picks one of the mushrooms

Max Arkala: looks to Hikari ” EAsy with that stuff, wash your hands later”

Luna: Bends down”Should we trust thıs mushrooms?”

Hikari: huff and smirks at the King. “I’m not eating it, I just want to give it a closer look”

Max Arkala: picks one of them and observes it closer, inspecting it with the nose ” this is a good one”

Max Arkala: moves the mushrooms in his pouch ” i will use them for a salad ” chuckles

Artorias Arkala: reaches his hand to one of them and plucks it from the ground “hm intriguing”

Luna: Puts her tonğue out”eh,I hate mushrooms” Stands up and walks around

Mera Tammas: “King Max. Every mushroom is good. One can be eat by myself and another are for guests”

Max Arkala: nods ” remember me to don’t go to eat in your home”

Hikari: inspect the one she pick up, she sniffs it, this one seems edible, she sees another one nearby her and also picks it up, but can’t figure out if it is edible or not

Max Arkala: tilts his head a the huge mushroom ” must be the place, here is a lot humid ”

Hikari: “This one” she shows the orange looking one “is edible, while this other one” she shows the white one “I’m not quite sure”

Max Arkala: chuckles ” eat it , if you will die… well, means that was not good”

Luna: Focuses her eyes on statue,looks at the skull face.”Creepy”

Max Arkala: turns to the statue widening his eyes ” I don’t remember where I saw that face last time”

Mera Tammas: “It reminds me something. We are dreaming now.”

Max Arkala: turns to Mera ” your whole life is a dream”
chuckles ” stop with drugs , is better.. trust me”

Mera Tammas: “Dear King, You don’t understand shamans.”

Max Arkala: nods ” ’cause you don’t speak, you dream…”

Luna: Talks sılently ”who can” Chuckles.

Max Arkala: grins ” indeed Luna.. Indeed”

Hikari: Can’t see the statue’s face from where she is standing, she moves around it trying to see under its cloak. “Well, I hope that face had some skin then Sire, because that is seriously a nightmare”

Max Arkala: shrugs ” a statue never hurt”

Luna: nods as smırks.

Mera Tammas: “Maybe I dream but I have to go home to make order and fix door”

Mera Tammas: “Good bye friends”

Max Arkala: nods ” we should go too”

Luna: ”ouch” She maked some paın sounds sılently.holds her horn and holds the statue to stand.”uhh”Closes her eyes ın paın.

Hikari: Understands the Grand Shaman’s concern about her home. “Be safe Mera”

Max Arkala: looks around ” I think that we can go now, right?”

Hikari: “Sire, I don’t think that Lady is feeling alright”

Laura Polke: picks the last mushrooom

Hikari: she says pointing at the horned woman

Artorias Arkala: nodded “hm..right..” he looks at hikari then luna ” huh whats wrong?’

Max Arkala: tilts his head and turns back ” Oh…. Laura, can you check her?” looks to Luna ” All fine there?” goes closer ” all fine?” he whispers

Laura Polke: approaches Luna, “How are you feeling?”

Max Arkala: looks to Hikari ” my concern is that we will get another shake and we will still trapped here, this is why i prefer to go out ” looks around ” I don’t feel myself at safe here”

Luna: she ğrumbled ağaın as holdınğ her horn.”eh,I..I am fıne.”Looks at hıkarı.”Nothınğ to worry.Your Majesty” Shaked her head and leaved the statue.” I am fıne.. Lets ğo” Smıled to Laura

Laura Polke: smiles, “Ok, we should return to our home and see the other homes.”

Hikari: Nods in agreement with the King. “Luna that it your name right, are you able to walk, we need to get out of here”

Luna: Nods.”Yes,Luna.And I am alrığht.” Smıles.

Hikari: “Alright then” she smiles softly at the woman.

Laura Polke: looks around, “This is an odd place. I wonder how long it has been here?”

Max Arkala: nods ” let’s go so…” still to look around ” let’s go…”moves to the cave’s exit and points to Luna ” come, if you need any assistance i am sure that Laura has all the necessary ”

Laura Polke: nods to the King, “I always carry everything I need.”

Laura Polke: “After you Lady Hikari.”

Hikari: shakes her head “Please go ahead”

Max Arkala: turns his gaze to them ” are we all here ?”

Hikari: Takes a deep breath, glad to be back home and nods at the King. “It seems so”

Artorias Arkala: “hm I think so ” he looks at them and counts

Laura Polke: smooths out her skirts after stepping out of the cave. The looks over to luna, “Yes I think we are all her and fine.”

Luna: ”Lady Mara?Is she stıll ınsıde?” Looks around curıously and draws her dağğer.”Should I ğo back” Not seems that ğood,Sweatınğ.

Hikari: She turns to look at the cave. “I’ll recommend to place a guard at the entrance of the cave, I don’t think it safe to leave people freely go inside”

Max Arkala: shakes his head ” Mera returned at her home few minutes ago” tilts his head ” are you fine?”

Luna:Nods” I am okay..” Pats her head sılly.”Oh yes,I know she ğo..few mınutes ağo” takes a deep breath and looks around.

Hikari: Gives Luna a worried look, forgetting about the cave for the time been. “Luna, did you eat one of the mushrooms that we find inside the cave?”

Laura Polke: gives a big sigh and looks toward her house, “I believe I will return home to see if I suffered any damage. I hope I do not have a mess to clean up like mera.”

Luna: ”uh,Yes just a..Lıttle bıte.” Nods as focusınğ to ğrass.

Hikari: Raises a brow and gives Laura a pointed look.

Max Arkala: breaths deeply ” I think that I should go to check the rest of the kingdom and get reports of damages, I suggest you all to return to your homes and let me know for eventually damages, so I will send someone to fix them” tilts his head ” all clear?”

Max Arkala: turns to the cave ” And I will ask to the guards to check this place, IT’s not safe to go inside till we are not sure that earthquake will not hit again”

Laura Polke: looks to Luna with concern, “Yes Your Majesty. I will send a messenger then.”

Hikari: nods at the King. “Laura, would you please take Luna with you to the healers hall and leave her under observation, the fact that she ate one of those mushrooms worries me”

Artorias Arkala: face palms “urgh why you have to bite everything luna…” he looks at max “hm alright I will look around see if I can help if someone is stuck in the wreckages

Max Arkala: nods ” yes thank you brother” and nods to Hikari ” Luna, go with Laura, she will check that is all fine”

Luna: takes few steps back as lookınğ at ğrass.”I am okay,Lıke I saıd nothınğ to ..worry.I don’t want to make anyone busy” Looks around as sweatınğ.

Laura Polke: raises a brow to Hikari, “If she is ill, I will take care of her. I rather observe her before I do anything.”

Laura Polke: watches Luna carefully as seh begins to sweat

Hikari: “Thank you Laura. Please everyone be safe”

Tharodan: snuck up behind them all, wondering what was going on

Laura Polke: nods, “did you eat any of the musrooms Lady Hikari?”

Hikari: Shakes her head “I took two of those mushrooms, but I ate non. I plan of doing some test on them tho”

Artorias Arkala: tilts his head at luna “hm defintly something is up with you…you don´t sweat taht much” he looks behind him to notice a dragon

Max Arkala: moves to the castle ” well, let me go, see you later and stay safe”

Laura Polke: nods, “Good idea Lady Hikari.”

Hikari: “I’ll make my way home then, I want to check on Loki and Sly and see if there is something that needs to be fixed” She sees the dragon behind Art and gives him a nod, before she goes away.

Laura Polke: looks over to see a dragon, “Greetings Tharodan.”

Artorias Arkala: tilts his head at the reptile then looks back to them “hmph yeah I have to go on my way aswell…safe paths”

Laura Polke: “Safe paths your Highness”

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