RP at The Hills – Day 5

Chapter 5 – The bitter truth

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) returns from his camp with the diary in his hands. He looks to the others around the table and over his head where the crystal dome is set. There is no way to escape to it but he hopes to find something in his diary. He sits on the bench and calls the others near him ” here” he points the diary ” maybe we can find something inside, I wrote something about this demon few years ago when I was in a far land, let me search it”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ (maraya99): walks a bit closer to look on the sites of his book, that would be good.”

Ktahdn Vesuvino steps closer to see if he can read the writing

Eddah Di Loki (eddah) leans over his shoulder to have a better look at the diary

Artorias Arkala (connormilles) goes over to the table and looks towards the diary “hm hopefully something useful…” he mumbled

Laura Polke emerges from the tent where the cooks are housed and approaches the lycan called Max as he looks through his diary. “I still say there is nothing to worry about. You are hallucinating about the whole thing. He is nothing more than a charlatan. ”

Elayne Diavolo stood back to watch the gathering. new lands.. they were tricky about others, but clearly tha wolf man person was there so hooves had to clearly be acceptable.. surely they had a tavern around her somewhere

FenrirVII would come by to the other lycan, wondering why the people are gathered around. “What’s going on?”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “Unfortunately, I can’t read than language.”

Eddah Di Loki (eddah) gives Laura a dark look “The only one hallucinating here is you. Walk up that hill and proof us wrong if you dare”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) turns to the other lycan and nods ” happens that due a demon we are all trapped in this village, this is what happens ” then turns to Laura ” you better shut up human, is clear that he did something on you for deny the truth in front to your eyes ” he opens the diary and checks between the pages ” where is that damned part… ”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ (maraya99): I am unsure he can makes us suddenly stay under a dome of magic power. do you remember what happened when u touched the stones Max?

Laura Polke stomps her foot as she looks at the tiefling, “I am not going to make a fool of myself as the others have. The lycan Max did nothing more than trip over his own paws.” She turns to Max, “That charlatan did nothing to me. It is you and others around that thinks he did something.”

Eddah Di Loki (eddah) notices a faun like figure standing close, but returns her gaze to the diary again

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) nods to her ” yes , I got stuck from the life energy inside it and… oh finally” he points the page ” here , here!” shows the page to the others

Ktahdn Vesuvino: ” A Lycan, tripping over his paws? When have you ever seen that happen?”

FenrirVII then would take a look around, wondering what the lycan means by “trapped”. He doesn’t see anything, other than blue skies and a peaceful village, yet something is might be a little off. “Trapped?”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) nods to the other Lycan ” yes, there is an invisible wall around here anyway… ” he starts to read ” The demon
The life drainer demon is a demon of Demons of depths. He can survive on the surface draining the life energy from living souls. He usually appears as a human with good manners. His powers are: Summon, trapping and Wish maker.
His victims usually are trapped in a ball of energy for all their life span, he drains energy from them. In real the people are just necessary to him for use the life stones.
Some of his names are Balthezar, Dardel, Ezarel, and many others.”

Artorias Arkala (connormilles) leans over on the table trying to focus on the diary “hm does it say how to kill it?”

Elayne Diavolo listened the mummer soft , could be heard? “how do they know its not among them already?” bright amber gazed at tha one speaking but looked around to one and all. for it was an interesting mix of folk.. she ventured no closer, tempted but content to sit back and listen to them.. for one of THEM might be this demon they spoke of

Eddah Di Loki (eddah) ‘hummm, usually you don’t kill a demon, you sent it back to the abyss”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “Balthezar. Wish we’d known that a while back.”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) goes ahead to read ” No, it says nothing but well, there is also more…” he turns the page “Life Stones
These stones seems to produce a huge quantity of vital energy, but they can work only if one person or creature with a soul touches them. They work as a “life energy” generator and the soul is the element that permits to them to work.
The life stones, if broken, release a huge quantity of vital energy all in one moment, break them can causate an explosion.” he looks to the life stones on the table and then backs to the other.

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “Interesting… but… powerful enough?”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) tilts his head ” powerful for what?”

FenrirVII then would cross his arms and holds on his chin, deep in thought. There was an invisible wall, yet he was able to cross over into town to pay a visit as if nothing was off, although he did feel something upon entering town. “Odd. I entered town just recently, and felt some kind of energy upon entering.”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “Excuse me. I tend to be direct. Perhaps… powerful enough to break the shell here?”

Laura Polke looks around, “If what you are saying is true, then everyone here picked up one of the stones except for myself. ”

Artorias Arkala (connormilles) scratches his chin “an…explosion eh?” he grinned then looked at his pocked where his stone is “heh I wonder if that could help send that demon to wherever it spawned from”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) looks to Fenrir ” yes you can enter, but you can’t leave… one way passage… sneaky demon” nods ” I tried to go out and i ended on the ground with a huge headache and pains….” shakes his head ” better that you stay far from that thing ”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) points Laura ” the ring that he gave to you, you are his favorite this is sure”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ (maraya99): hmm hmm it doesnt say if someone should touch it or not…but we perhaps need them to destroy the field of energy if its still there…

FenrirVII then would shrug, admitting the face he’s now trapped. “So, where do you think we should find these Life Stones?”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “I’m not sure that being given a gift by that one is what I’d call favor.”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) points to the table ” here, he left a bunch of these for us, otherwise… ” points the diary ” with the energy draining, his victims will die really fast”

Eddah Di Loki (eddah) ‘ooooh she doesn’t seems to be unhappy with it”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) nods to the horned woman

Laura Polke crosses her arms and looks at Max, “Favorite? I seriously doubt that. If would have treated him with kindness to begin with instead of suspicion, the this would of never happened. As I see it, you receive the rewards. Good or ill.”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) looks around ” we need a plan, but ” shakes his head ” i don’t think that an explosion will resolve a situation, otherwise he didn’t leave the stones here, we need to think to something else…this is not a wall, is something more , an explosion will hurt only us probably…” closes his diary and breaths deeply ” we need a plan…”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ (maraya99): nods in agreement

Ktahdn Vesuvino nods too

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “My education didn’t include much about magic, however.”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) thinks a moment ” The book says ” wish maker” … and if we wish to be free?” grins

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ (maraya99): “How do u want to wish us free??”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ (maraya99): “He is not here too”

Artorias Arkala (connormilles) shrugs “I doubt it would be that easy….there must be a way to trick him that way too”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) shrugs ” well he is not here but maybe if we call him?” raises a brow

Laura Polke shakes her head, “Then if you wish to be free, then say a wish. Should I have a nice cake baked with candles so you can wish that way? Or maybe another shooting star will appear and you can wish on that.”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ (maraya99): “I dont think we can easily make a wish there must be an other way”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ (maraya99): “Wait. When the stones drain also life out of us we need to bring them out of the sphere somehow, or am i wrong??

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “Wish… intention… practice…”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ (maraya99): “Those stones are confusing”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) shakes his head ” The sphere drains the life, the stones refill it, are like a source of life energy so seems”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) stands up and starts to yell ” Balthezar, son of a skunk, come here!” looks around ” Can you hear me subdemon?” he looks around ” Can you hear me?”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “Sphere drains… hmm… how might we interfere with the stones?”

Eddah Di Loki (eddah) raises her brows ‘Without the stones there wouldn’t be a sphere?’

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) looks to Eddah and tilts his head ” uhm…” nodding

FenrirVII looks around to try and spot the demon, reaching for his sword in case if he’s forced into a fight. “I will scan the perimeter”

Eddah Di Loki (eddah) ‘What if we give all the stone to Laura, than they would only drain energy from her. And she doesn’t believe in it anyway. We wait until she dies, when all here energy is drained and we are free?’

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) yells more strong ” BALTHEZAR!”

Artorias Arkala (connormilles) picks up his stone from his pocket and holds it tight watching it glow on his hand “maybe….all of us….” he muttered as he started to think outloud

Laura Polke throws her hands up, “do you seriously believe that these stones drain energy and that there is a wall around us?” She looks over to Max, “Will you stop shouting.!”

Balthezar (cameratv1) grins ” don’t yell mutt, I don’t have only this sphere to care, and how are you my puppets, need something?”

Ktahdn Vesuvino turns to look at Balthezar

FenrirVII then would immediately turn his attention to the man who appeared out from thin air. “Whoa! Are you Balthezar, sir?”

Balthezar (cameratv1) stares the wolfman ” Oh a new puppet, more life energy so” nods ” yes I am Balthezar” turns to Laura ” what is this , an assembly against me?”

Artorias Arkala (connormilles) puts the hand with the stone behind his back and turns to balthezar

Balthezar (cameratv1) turns to the young man and stares him going closer ” young warrior, they are saying something against me?”

Laura Polke: “Greetings Balthezar and welcome. It seems that all assembled thin you are some sort of demon. And the lycan Max has some sort of book that he calls his diary, but to me it is nothing more than a fairy tale book to scare the children.”

Balthezar (cameratv1) tilts his head ” A book? curious , can I have it please?”

FenrirVII then would sigh a little after being called a puppet. Still, why is Balthezar doing this, and what happened before he arrived? “Alright, Balthezar. I am not sure what is going on, but why are you doing this? It’s not for some kind of evil intention like taking our souls for nourishment, is it?”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ (maraya99): Walks over to Artorias and whispers in his ear”We need to destroy all together. But how?”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ (maraya99): she said very carefully so nobody else could hear

Artorias Arkala (connormilles) looks over his shoulder and whispered “hm…each of us could get one…and break them…” he tried to look at the others wondering if they still had some of the stones with them

Eddah Di Loki (eddah) whispers ‘Banishment ritual, that’s what you need to get exorcise a demon”

Balthezar (cameratv1) looks to the wolfman ” ‘casuse I need to for survive ” turns to Max ” oh come on, so much drama for a book” … Points Laura ” can you get it please? ” smiles widely

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) jumps on the table taking the book in his paws ” you need to pass on my corpse idiot…” he brings the swords and points to him putting the book on his hip inside his belt”

Ktahdn Vesuvino sees Artorias looking around, and wonders what’s on his mind”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) points the sword against Laura and says to Balthezar ” you realize wishes right? I wish to be free” snorts and says almost yelling ” we wish all to be free”

FenrirVII then would look at his Life Stone that he picked up. “And why did you give the town these stones?”

Laura Polke looks over to Balthezar then to Max as he jumps on the table, “I believe the book belongs to Max, if you wish to have it, then you can take yourself.”

Balthezar (cameratv1) turns to the wolfmen ” because without them my puppets will die ” chuckles at Max ” nice trying, you called me for this?” shakes his head and then turns to Laura ” do what I said Laura” says with a weird voice

Ktahdn Vesuvino steps back from Laura

Artorias Arkala (connormilles) looks over to the horned woman and spoke in a low tone ” we are not exactly in a position to do that…we use the stones first….then maybe that”

Laura Polke stiffens and looks at Balthezar, ” You are nothing more than a charlatan. I will not get that book for you. If you were man enough you would get it yourself and not depend on trickery to obtain it.”

Balthezar (cameratv1) says staring her ” Do what I said ” slowly

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) growls

FenrirVII then would look at the stone, then he would look at Balthezar before standing back and also drawing his sword. “Whatever it is you intend to do, it’s got to stop, or else I might have to use force!”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “Keep resisting, Laura!”

Vasa (vasa.vella) watches from afar, tapping out a lively beat upon his drum…..He looks to Elayne by his side and back to tha gatherin….Ifn it was up ta him he would stab tha lad with those crystals and see how well tha worked….

Laura Polke puts her hands on her hips, looking at Bathezar in the eyes, not blinking or flinching, “I will not! Get the book yourself. Or are you afraid of the lycan that trips over his own feet?”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ (maraya99): Holds her hand again on her necklace wishing this Balthazar goes away at least for a while she thinks on her grandparents…

Balthezar (cameratv1) shrughs ” if this is the situation well, I think that one week without food will quiet the bad feelings about me ” looks around ” I have other business now to do, other puppets expect their food, don’t bother me again or instead of food , I will remove air ” he vanish in a cloud of smoke

FenrirVII then would sigh as he puts his sword away. “What a jerk.”

Eddah Di Loki (eddah) shruks ‘Well, that went perfectly”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) growls and puts away the sword

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “We learned that his will can be resisted, at least for a time.”

Artorias Arkala (connormilles) pulls out his hand from his back it was still squeezing the stone “that may give us sometime…we need to break these at the same time next time he´s here”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) looks to Maraya ” you look expert in these things, are you a priest or such?”

Elayne Diavolo chuckles glancing at tha lad next to her.. she stood her ground.. long white strands seemed to flutter about her small frame, but was content to watch.. their problems were not hers.. yet… they found tha music so they had come.. ow all they needed was a tavern.. bah…

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ (maraya99): No my dear Max i am shaman not a priest…we need to figure out how to destroy all stones together. I told you all at beginning what i think of him…

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) nods ” Great! ” he yells ” next time he will be here so, we need a ritual or something, hoping that will work”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) points the table ” and till that moment… easy with the food…”

FenrirVII then would look at Max. “What should I do? I may be able to wield a sword or two, as well as summon some a group of them, but that’s about it. It is going to take more than that.”

Laura Polke throws her hands up, “First a charlatan now a so called Shaman? What do you expect to gain from this.? If you believe what he says then you deserve what you get.”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) nods to the lycan ” If something will go wrong, our swords will be useful i suppose ” brings his book and gives it to Maraya ” maybe will help you but give it back to me after all” turns to Laura ” you should hit that wall, I am wondering if push you on it so you will shut up a bit”

Laura Polke shakes her head, “You and your imagination. And if you touch me, I will have your hide in front of my fireplace.”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) chuckles ” you can’t do that without the head”

FenrirVII would nod at the other wolf before holding out his paw. “Name’s Fenrir, by the way. Max, was it?

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “I’m curious… why, after you resisted Balthezar, are you so unwilling to take a few steps?”:

Laura Polke throws her hands up again grumbling about lycans that trips over everything threatening to take her head, “When you find your balance, you can try Max.”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ (maraya99): i will give you back the book as soon as i read it carefully

Artorias Arkala (connormilles) sighs “you two always at each other gees…” he puts his stone back on his pocket

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) nods ” well, when he will return, we will be ready” looks to the others ” we will be… or we will die”

Max Arkala (maximillian.loon) nods

Laura Polke shakes her head, “No one will die. If you are worried about food, the stores are well stocked with food and drink and everyone is welcome to them. If all else fails there are two goats, for milk and meat.”

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