RP at The Hills – Day 4


Laura Polke enters the area and looks over the tables to see if breakfast has been laid. She see others have awoken from their sleep, “Good morning everyone. I hope you have slept well. Please help your self to some breakfast.”

Ktahdn Vesuvino walks over to get a snack. “Thank you, Laura.

Tharodan came from the other side of the tree behind him where he supposedly had slept during the night

εїз Nixie εїз sits on the tent fly kicking her small legs and watching everyone beginning to stir in the early morn. her pixie dust flowing through the camp as she is light hearted not seeing the strange man around

Artorias Arkala walks over to one of the benches and sits down while staring at the food

Yami: Observes the stranger is no where to be found, probably still sleeping inside the tent, her eyes intently on the structure for a moment. “Has the stranger woke up yet?” she turns to Laura.

Ktahdn Vesuvino appreciates the bread with pixie dust

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ : wakes up and lefts her tent to look for some cake for breakfast. She stretches her arms and yawns a bit. “Good morning”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “Good morning, Lady Maraya.”


εїз Nixie εїз hears word of the stranger in the tent and looks quickly that way, she gets up stretches and flys down to the table in front of Artorias seeing what food she wants to get her little hands on

Laura Polke looks around, “No I do not see him, nor do I see the lycan max.” She turns to tharodan, “I thought you and Max slept close together. Have you seen him this morning?”

Tharodan shook his head
ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ : She grabs fastly some food and uses the moment to stare inside the tent of the stranger..

Tharodan sat down by the tree

Artorias Arkala picks up a piece of bread and stars eating it before noticing the pixie landing on the table he narrows his brow to it wondering if it would taint the food with its dust

Tharodan yawns

Ktahdn Vesuvino munches on bread

Yami: Nods at the woman in white dress and turns her head once more towards the tent, furrowing her brow. “You are right, also the dog is missing, curious”

εїз Nixie εїз walks across the table examining the food, her eyes quickly notice the goat and she screams falling back into the bread bowl.

Laura Polke looks down at the ring the stranger gave her yesterday thinking it was odd that the ring fit her finger perfectly. She looks around to see other enjoying the feast, “I am so glad you are enjoying breaking the fast. How is everything?”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “The food is very tasty”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ looks up to the others rubs her eyes and answers”So far everything is fine.Seems to be a good day today”

Ktahdn Vesuvino finds some cherries and eats a few, as he loves cherries

Yami: She shrugs and moves near one of the tables to see which food is displayed on it. Her eyes soon find the sweets and she helps herself with a delicious looking piece of pie. “You better have no mess with these” she eyes the pixie.
εїз Nixie εїз wriggles trying to get out of the bread bowl, she glares at the one speaking to her, “I have not yet touched your pie.” she struggles more finally freeing herself from the captivation of the bowl. “Has anyone seen the gifting stranger this morn?”

Laura Polke: Since everyone has gathered and the stranger is still sleeping. She decides to ask a question, “Since everyone is enjoying their breaking of the fast, what do you think of the stranger?”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “I’m curious about him. Don’t much care for how he treats people, though.”

Artorias Arkala rolls his eyes around the pixie and just shrugs to her question he then picked up some more bread to stuff his stomach

εїз Nixie εїз rolls her eyes as she reaches for a tart in front of Artorias, “He is a flea on a dog if you ask my opinion” she squeaks out.

Ktahdn Vesuvino offers the Pixie a cherry

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ : “Lady Laura he was very kind also to you..we just know he came here and the rest is not clear.”

εїз Nixie εїз graciously takes the cherry, ” thank you

Eddah Di Loki approaches the group gathered around the table

Yami: “Good” she says, taking a first bite of the pie, is still nice and warm. At the woman’s question she turns to look at her. “I dislike him, he refuses to answer any of our questions, his presents come out of nowhere” she eyes the woman’s ring for a moment. “and the energy surrounding him is dark”

Ktahdn Vesuvino asks “Fae, I’m curious. How do you perceive his ‘dark” energy? I’ve heard the term but don’t understand.”

Laura Polke turns to the tiefling that just joined the feast, “Welcome and please help your self to the food. We are breaking the fast this morning and discussing the stranger that came to the feast bearing gifts.”

Eddah Di Loki looks around ‘Is he gone now?’

Yami: Gently places the rest of her pie over the table, and turns towards the horned man, raising a questioning brow. “May you have not notice darling, but I’m an unseelie Fae, yeah yeah I know, what a shock” she says next moving her hands dismissively. “I can feel others energy” She gives the pixie a quick look. “which makes me wonder, have you feel it too pixie?”

Artorias Arkala coughs up some bread pieces towards the pixie then wipes his mouth using his hand he just stares at the pixie as if not acknowledging it

Laura Polke shakes her head, “I do not believe so. The lycan called max and the stranger must still be asleep. Since both came very late last night, I am sure they are enjoying a good nights rest.”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “I see. What I feel around him is… well, a kind of prickling in my skin.”

Yami: nods at the man.

εїз Nixie εїз wipes her face and body of the crumbs and shakes her wings making pixie dust fly everywhere. “no need to be rude.” she humphs and walks to the other side of the table fixing her hair. She plops down on the side of the soup bowl to continue with the conversation. glaring at the rude man

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “I realize… I have been remiss. My name is Ktahdn, from a land called Kakushi Pasu. I was passing through here while searching for a special item, and saw the bright light in the sky. I came over to take a look.”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ : “I am a bit confused of yesterday and i didnt sleep that well. Maybe the star was just a weather issue…i felt a slight head ache this morning.”
Laura Polke shakes her head, “I am not sure why any of you feel bad tidings toward the stranger. He has been nothing but polite and kind. He was even kind enough to share gifts with everyone. The only time he was rude was when the pixie wanted to be nosy to find out what was in his bag.”
Artorias Arkala tried to shield his eyes from dust before looking at the pixie and just shrugging at her with a grin on his face he then looked at the others wondering what they were saying

Yami: nods once more at the man. “Well meet then Ktahdn. I’m Yami. and I guess we all came here for the same reason” Gives the woman with brown cloak a wary look. “If you are getting sick, stay away from me, not like I could catch your disease, but still”

Eddah Di Loki ‘What kind of gifts did he bring? ‘

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “I’m pleased to meet you, Yami. Thank you for the welcome.”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ : “Oh i didnt know i have a disease, Fae like i said it was just a weather problem i am fine now.” She shakes her head slightly and sighs.

Yami: nods at the woman, but remains far from her, grabbing her pie once more to continue eating at it.

Laura Polke looks over to the tiefling, “The stranger gave me a strange ring that fits perfectly on my finger. I know he tried to give the lycans a healing stone. I am not sure what he gave the pixie. He was very kind and polite. I see nothing wrong with the gifts. Everyone is just so paranoid because the stranger appeared at the same time as the star fell.”

Ktahdn Vesuvino asks Laura “Don’t you find it a little strange that the ring fits you so well, and that he very nearly forced it upon you?”

Yami: Observes from the one called Laura to Ktahdn and back, eating her pie without hurry.

εїз Nixie εїз squeaks out, “He gave me a blueish coin, but he had a lot of iron with him and tried to touch me with it.” she shudders at the thought

Laura Polke looks down at the ring, “I would not say forced, but insistent. I did not see any harm plus the ring is beautiful. It is not odd that a stranger wishes to pay for a meal with gifts.”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ “It is indeed a beautiful ring nothing more i guess. Didnt he say why he gave you this ring? Is there anything engraved?”

Eddah Di Loki shrugs ‘Sounds like very generous gift for just a meal”

Ktahdn Vesuvino siilently agrees with Eddah, but keeps quiet

Yami: Finishes her pie and places the dish on top of the table. Her eyes still on Laura, but mostly on the ring nicely wrapped around her finger. “Can you take it off so we can examine it more closely?” she turns to look at the woman in brown cloak. “As she said, there may be an engraving or something on it”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “A very good question, I think, Yami.”

Laura Polke fingers the ring, “He did say he was a trader. It was probably what he had to give. Nothing more. I accept gifts graciously and thank a person for them.” She looks over to the fae, “of course. ” She takes the ring off and hands it to the fae, “As you see, there is nothing strange about it.”

Ktahdn Vesuvino watches closely as the ring changes hands

Yami: Shakes her head and refuses to touch the ring. “Put it over the table if you may, I also want the others to be able to see it”

Eddah Di Loki moves closer to have a closer look at the ring

Yami: She says as excuse, while in real, she wary of the ring as much as she is wary of the stranger.

Ktahdn Vesuvino also steps closer

Laura Polke shrugs and places the ring on the table, “As you can see, it is just a ring, nothing more.”

Max Arkala wakes up and pack his stuff , then hears voices that come from the center of the wood , he moves closer ” So? Slept well?” grins and moves closer to the table looking at the food on it ” Fresh food I see, and where is the stranger, he still sleeping?”

Ktahdn Vesuvino looks closely at the ring

Yami: Observes the ring with attention, it truly didn’t seen to be anything out of the ordinary, gold and a ruby. Turns to see the Lycan approaching. “Took you long enough to wake up dog. Come take a good look at the ring.” Points at the table in which the ring lays

Eddah Di Loki nibbles one of the cookies while staring at the ring

Max Arkala scratches his head ” I don’t need to go to work… and I was tired” moves and looks to the ring ” What , is just a ring” raises a brow.

Laura Polke smiles as the lycan appears, “Good morning max. I hope you had a good nights rest. Please help yourself to some food to break your fast.”

Yami: Sighs in disappointment. “I guess you were right Laura, please take it back” she says pointing at the ring.

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “Perhaps it is just a ring. I’m still tempted to throw it into the deepest part of the lake.”

Laura Polke smiles as she picks up the ring and places it on her finger, still puzzled how it fit so perfectly, “Like I said, it is nothing more than a ring. a gift from a kind stranger.”

εїз Nixie εїз looks puzzled……”maybe its not the ring at all…..”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “Can you say more, Miss Nixie?”
Balthezar wakes up from the tend, smiling seeing so many people there ” Good morning folk, It’s a pleasure to see you all here also today” bows his head ” any problem?”

Laura Polke sees the stranger approach, “Good morning Balthezar. I hope you slept well. Please help yourself to some food to break your fast.”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “Good morning, Balthezar.”

Balthezar nods and smiles to Laura ” food, so great thing” bows his head to Ktahdn and grins ” I was thinking tonight, that I have a lot of stuff on my boat and I want to share it with you all later, like a gift for your kindness to welcome a stranger”

Yami: Feels him even before she can see him, quickly moving out of the way, the feeling he gives out making her feel strange.

Max Arkala nods ” what type of stuff…”

Ktahdn Vesuvino becomes very alert

Artorias Arkala raises an brow as he kept hearing the stranger talk about gifts

Max Arkala looks to Laura and to the others in an interrogative way

εїз Nixie εїз jumped up quickly and went closer towards Artorias, she did not want to be close to the man.

εїз Nixie εїз jumped up quickly and went closer towards Artorias, she did not want to be close to the man.

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ Still unsure what he wants here but happy he wants to bring them gifts.” That is very kind of you Balthezar. I wonder what gifts you hide on your boat.”

Balthezar looks in his pouch ” meanwhile these are other little things for you all” he brings a bunch of glowing stones from his pouch and moves them on the table ” are a gift , they have a great Value.. all my things have a great value… and this is just the start ”

Ktahdn Vesuvino asks “Why?”

Laura Polke smiles, “You are very kind Balthezar to share gifts with everyone.”

εїз Nixie εїз peeks around the tart dish to look at the glowing things. She stays back from them though afraid of the iron they could contain. she looks up at Artorias, “I don’t feel good about them”

Artorias Arkala tilts his head at the stones and pokes one of them with his finger “hm…do they do anything other than glow?” he asked the stranger

Balthezar looks to them ” pick one, they don’t bite.. they glow and they have a great value as I said , also… if you want to live is better that you pick one of them ” grins and pick a mug from the table drinking from it.

Max Arkala moves closer and picks one of the stones, leaving it to fall on the ground after one moment ” what the…” he yells… ” this thing … ” he steps back and looks to Balthezar ” what is this thing? where did you get them?”

Ktahdn Vesuvino asks “Max, what did you feel?”

Balthezar he grins widely and stares the others ” Are life stones, you are smart … I didn’t think that someone recognized them ” chuckles ” cleve beast you are ” looks around ” do you know what a life stone is my dear people?”

Laura Polke stands back from the table, letting others have the gifts as the ring is enough of a gift for her.

Ktahdn Vesuvino keeps his distance from the life stones

Max Arkala growls and nods to Ktahdn ” I am fine but … Is better that you all do like he just said .. for your safety ”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “And no… while I have heard mention of the term, I don’t know what a life stone truly is.”

Yami: Raises a brow at the grey Lycan. “What is with you now?”

Artorias Arkala raised an brow “huh what do you mean?” he stared between max and balthezar a bit suspicious now

Max Arkala looks around like breathless and steps back like trying to find a way to escape then turns to the fae ” We are trapped! I saw this thing in past… he is … ” he stops staring him in terror.

εїз Nixie εїз looks up to Artorias seeing him look between the two, she also looks. “I am frightened. Very frightened”

Laura Polke raises a brow wondering what has gotten into everyone as she feels nothing from the stones or the stranger.

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “Lady Laura, perhaps the ring shields you…”

Yami Her wings flutter for a moment in concern, her eyes wide. “What are you talking about Max !?” She looks around trying to see find any sort of trap, but sees nothing.

Artorias Arkala stood up from the bench and took some steps back from the stranger he also pulled the pixie a bit back with him just incase something happens

Balthezar grins widely ” Oh come on, I am not so bad , I like to make people happy, that’s all… then someone like usually has something to complain, but is in the nature of the world I suppose, we can’t be all agree, right folk?” smiles ” A life stone is basically a spell… or like someone define them, a curse and yes… you are all in trap and there is no way to go out from this place, also if you don’t see.. this place is now mine , with all there is inside it ” he raises his hands to the sky ” A nice crystal ball with what we need for stay alive for a lot of years ”

Max Arkala brings his sword and tries to attack Balthezar, but the sword becomes heavy and he can’t swing it ” Damned demon!”… he leaves the sword to drop to the ground… ” Damned…!”

εїз Nixie εїз lets Art pull her back she flies up and perches on his shoulder. she whispers in his ear, “I knew something was funny.”

Eddah Di Loki stares at the lycan and the stranger

Balthezar chuckles and nods ” and the beast had right , if you will not pick one of these stones, you will die in few days…”

Yami: She bares her pointy teeth at the stranger, her red eyes shining dangerously. “Let us out beast in the skin of a man, if you know what is good for you!”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “I prefer to die under my own terms than to live under yours.”

Max Arkala picks the stone from the ground and looks to it, the glows become more strong.

Laura Polke listens to the words of the stranger and his words, not believing anything that is being said, “Come now, surely you do not believe in this fairy tale. They are nothing more than stones and your imaginations are running away from you.”

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ “nods to Lady Laura they are not trapped. He is making just jokes.”

Artorias Arkala looks over to his shoulder towards the pixies “I doubt funny would be the right word…” he looks back to the stranger now frowning towards him

Balthezar laughs ” up to you human, and fae, I have a lot of shinies for you, you will spend the rest of your life to entertain me, my toys, my puppets…” looks to Laura ” except LAura, you accepted my ring and you will be my bride” smiles in a sinister way ” And you will go to the hell with me after all these will die, but not now for sure… in years…” laughs and sits quietly ” So come on, it’s time to eat, I don’t want to see my puppets to die starved”

Max Arkala yells and tries to run away hitting an invisible wall

Balthezar laughs ” not so clever after all”

Laura Polke laughs, “This is a wonderful joke Balthezar and it is providing much entertainment. As for being your wife, I have been promised to another.” She takes off the ring and lays it on the table next to the glowing stones. “The ring was a very kind gift but I am sorry but I cannot accept it under your terms.”

Yami She walks near the table and picks one of the stones, it starts to glow in her hand. She turns to look at the man with death clearly written in her eyes. “You will pay” she says in a quiet tone at him, before she moves back, just to see the grey lycan running blindly trying to escape.

Balthezar points the lycan on the ground ” well, you can try to escape too, you all can try” eats a piece of bread ” I will pay? Sure… ” chuckles quietly ” for now you are all in my power”

Artorias Arkala looks over to the table and at the stones unsure if he should pick one like the others and believe in the stranger

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ stays calm and says nothing to this just tries to help Max up.

εїз Nixie εїз sees Artorias looking at the stones, “What should we do?” she begins to shiver in fear wrapping her wings around her shoulder

Balthezar yawns ” well all these complainings are annoying me , you will have what you want here, everything you desire , It’s a gift , not a prison” smiles ” I will return soon to check how my crystal ball is going, meanwhile enjoy the place, here is always sunny” he looks to the others and poofs in a cloud of orange smoke ” See you Laura” he says from the cloud

Eddah Di Loki stares at the stones left on the table

Yami: She eyes the grey lycan a side look. “so brave there dog…..” her hand clutching tightly and angrily the stone.

Max Arkala stands up and walks slowly closer to the others ” we are all in trap…. I heard of these demons, they make these balls for drain the life energy from people, the stone is the only thing that brings people alive…without them, we will die in few days” sits and looks to the others
Ktahdn Vesuvino asks “Is there a key to this prison?”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “I’m sorry… my knowledge of the magical arts isn’t all that strong.

Eddah Di Loki takes one of the small breads from the table and uses a knife to push one of the stones into it. Than she turns to the goat and feeds it to her

Laura Polke sighs, “He is nothing more than a charlatan. You, max tripped on your own paws running away. I am not sure why everyone is so scared.”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “Easy enough to test, Laura.. see how far you can walk. ON eway o r another, we’ll learn.”

Max Arkala looks to Laura and points in the direction of the invisible wall ” so go… ”

Artorias Arkala sighs and nods as he listens max “I guess its the only option…” he reaches his hand to one of the stones and holds it in his hand and watch it glow more as he kept holding it

Yami: She looks murder at Laura. “YOU!! You have no saying in this, you are his bride, you must have been on his side all this time, setting this trap along with him!! ”

Max Arkala looks to the fae and tilts his head

εїз Nixie εїз watches Art then looks to the stones on the table. She flies to the table and looks to the stones then back to Art as if asking if it is ok

Laura Polke shakes her head, “I am not giving this stranger any satisfaction by ‘testing’ anything.” She turns to the fae, “I am sorry, but I am not going to be his bride. I am promised to another and will not break it for this man. If he wants to dream as me being his bride then so be it, but it will not happen.”

Max Arkala raises his gaze ” from what I remember there is a way to break the curse but…” looks to the others ” I need to check my diary and it is in my bag, near the place where I camped last night” looks to Laura and then back to the fae ” Agree…. also for me she is in accords with him, otherwise I can’t explain her behavior” nods

Yami: She lets out a laugh at that. “Sure like this beast is going to let you out, just because you must marry someone else” Her face serious. “I don’t trust you, not a little bit and if it were in my power I would gutter you out just to despise him” She turns away then in anger and fear at the situation.

Ktahdn Vesuvino: “I will take a stone only if someone who knows this better than I do says we have a way of breaking the wall.”

Max Arkala stands up a bit weak after the hit against the wall ” I am going to take my diary, meanwhile is better that you all take a stone from the table” he waves and moves to his camp.

ⓜⓐⓡⓐⓨⓐ: Holds her hands on her necklace and sighs a bit. And whispers to herself “I hope this will end well.”
εїз Nixie εїз flies down and finds the smallest stone she slowly picks it up and as soon as her small fingers touch it it begins to glow even more.

Laura Polke looks at the food on the table and wonders what the cook put in it. She will have to have a word with her. She turns and goes into one of the tents to have a discussion with her. “If you will excuse me, I believe I will check on the cook. I wish each of safe paths.”

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