RP at The Hills – Day 3

Chapter 3 – BAD THINGS 

Nixie flies in and out of the crowd gathered her pixie dust going everywhere

Ktahdn Vesuvino admires the pretty pixie duet

Laura Polke smiles at Balthezar, “I do hope you have enjoyed your meal. Did you get enough to eat?”

Clover hears the word “eat” and shoots over to Laura, staring up at her with huge eyes

Ktahdn Vesuvino waves to the group

Max move closer to the table where the stranger is . He clearly doesn’t like him but is curious about this man that jumped out from nothing. ” So, from where you come ” says few meters far from the table but clearly speaking with Belthazar.

Nixie continues to watch from the safety of the top of the tent, she did not want to be scraped off the bottom of someones shoe today.

Yami: She moves near the the darker Lycan, he seems to be one of the few clever ones who feel distrust for the stranger man. “Hey you, wolf, do you also feel that something is not quite right with that man?” she whispers at him.

Maraya: looks over to the new arrived man that said he is Balthezar she doesnt believe him since she had a strange feeling the day before…”I dont believe your name is Balthezar who are you?”

Ktahdn Vesuvino is also curious about shining lights in the sky

Laura Polke looks down to Clover, “Welcome to our feast. Please enjoy what every you wish. I am sure that you will find something that you will like.”

Clover squeaks and shoots over to the table, letting out an appreciative “oooooohhh!” before diving onto a plate of cakes

Balthezar nods ” It was really all delicious my lady and I can’t be glad enought to be here with a so nice group of people. I feel in debt with you all ” he hears the question from the wolfman, but ignores it ” If i can do something for pay back all this generosity”

Harkon nods while keeping his eye on the Belthazar “Oh quite.”

Nixie spots another pixie down near the food, she is unsure of this newcomer and flies closer to see

Yami: she agrees nodding. “The name is Yami by the way, not that you asked, how do you call yourself?” she continues in a quiet voice

Clover is halfway through a cream bun when she spies Nixie. She stops munching, staring at her in fascination before picking up a jam tart and holding it out for her fellow Pixie to take

Maraya: walks over to the others from the village


Ktahdn Vesuvino watches the Pixies with fascination, because he hasn’t known many of them

Harkon glanced to her to get a brief look at her and then looks back “Harkon, bounty hunter. Glad to see another who is not enchanted so easily by a mans charm.”

Nixie cocks her head to the side as she sees the other pixie offering food. She cautiously takes it and nods, “I haven’t seen you here before,” she takes a bite of the tart and crumbs fall all over, ”

Laura Polke shakes her head, “There is no need for payment for the food. All are welcome to join our feast. ” She looks around to the new comers, “Everyone is welcome to have something to eat. Please help yourself.”

Maraya: “Did you hear he didnt even answer my question”

Clover giggles at Nixie. “Just visiting!” she squeaks. “Is there a celebration? Is there a party? Will there be music? I love dancing! Do you like dancing? Do you like iced cakes? This all looks so yummy! My name is Clover. Hello!” She didn’t notice Ktahdn staring yet.

Ktahdn Vesuvino stifles a giggle

Yami: Nods in reply to Harkon and turns towards the lady with the brown cloak. “What about you? Do you trust that newcomer?”

Ktahdn Vesuvino turns away, saying “I’m sorry, Clover. I didn’t mean to stare.”

Harkon looked at Maraya “Indeed.”

Maraya: “I have a strange feeling which i cant explain right now. My intuition tells me.”

Balthezar hears the pixie complains about him ” Oh sorry My little lady, I though that was an ironical question” grins ” And yes, my name is Belthazar my dear one” he brings a little medallion from his pocket, a very shiny blue one” this is for you, and sorry If I ignored you” he smiles to the pixie”

Harkon nods “You’re not alone, miss.”

Balthezar he turns in the other direction and notices the people speaking far giving them a not good look.

Nixie slowly places the tart down wondering if there is something in it as this Pixie seems to have lost it. “Hi Clover, I’m Nixie. this is a festival of grand sorts, there is music and dancing and fun.” she leans in closer to whisper “but be careful of the feet”

Max watches the scene closely and decides to move near the others for listen better.

Yami: “Good, you are a clever one, for a human…or maybe you are an elf, I can’t tell” she shrugs. “It matters not I guess”

Artorias Arkala walked near the crowed and looked towards each of them wondering if he could recognize someone he shrugs then goes to sit on his usual bench

Laura Polke smiles at Balthezar’s gift to the pixes, “That was very kind of you to give a gift to the pixes, but it seems there are others that do not trust you. They seem to think you came with the glowing object. I think they would feel better and perhaps calm down if you share your origins. Do you care to share what realm you journeyed from?”

Clover looks at Ktahdn. “Were you staring?” she asked. Her little chest puffed up with pride. “Is it because I’m pretty? It’s because I’m pretty, isn’t it? That’s okay! You can stare!” She beamed at him, her mouth covered in cream from the bun she was devouring, then turned back to Nixie. “It’s very nice to meet you.” she replied. “Feet don’t scare me. You just need to be quick quick quick!” She darted around the table, showing off her speed.

Max looks to the others ” so what’s up here? ” tilts his head ” let me guess… that guy is suspicious… right?” he looks to him for a moment ” or looks like at least”

Ktahdn Vesuvino keeps an eye on the people around the table, curious about Balthezar

Nixie takes the blue shiny turning it over in her hands, she squeals as pixie dust emits from her, she stashes it in a small pouch on the side of her hip and continues back to her tart

Harkon folds his arms and nods at Max

Artorias Arkala reaches his hands to pick up some of the food on the table and eat them to satisfy his hunger

Nixie looks back to Clover, looking her up and down, “Yes, but I stay high above normally so that way I don’t have to worry and can dance.” she wiggles a little showing her dance move and throws pixie dust everywhere on th etable

Balthezar grins to Laura’s question ” I come from a real far kingdom, I don’t think that here someone knows it” smiles ” and this anyway is a gift for you my dear Lady ” he moves his hand to the pouch and takes a ring, a golden one with a ruby on it ” i don’t know what do to with this, so it’s is your, for your kindness”

Ithilethiel coughs faintly “I noticed something strange in the sky and followed it for a bit to find out more, and that’s how I ended up here. Could anyone tell me what happened?”

Yami: Raises a brow at the grey Lycan. “Well mhmm Max I think it was your name…if you can’t feel the strange energy that surrounds that man, then you must be a much simple creature than I thought you were”

Maraya: “Like i said from beginning on i dont trust him. More i dont know right now. Maybe he came with the light like Lady Laura said…” she tries to find words for her feelings

Laura Polke looks at the ring with curiosity, “I am sorry but I cannot accept such a wonderful gift. I am sure there is someone else that is more deserving to receive it.”

Balthezar shakes his head ” I can’t accept a no”

Nixie hears talk of a ring and flies closer to see if it is a shiny like she likes

Ktahdn Vesuvino feels his apprehension regarding Balthezar increasing…

Harkon narrows his eye at the stranger enforcing this ring onto the woman

Laura Polke nods and holds out her had to receive it, “It is very kind of your Balthezar. I will cherish it.”

Yami: She turns towards the Lady wearing black with curious eyes. “well you are pretty late for the shinning lights it seems, whatever that thing in the sky was is gone now and that man is here now. Want to know what happened, go and ask him, maybe he will answer you”

Max looks behind him ” now he gives gifts… ” shakes his head and raises his voice ” SOMETHING FOR ME TOO? A DEER? A BUNNY? A HEAD TO CARVE?” laughs loudly

Ktahdn Vesuvino is also awaiting any straight answer from Balthezar

Harkon nudged Yami “See that ring? I bet you that is going to cause trouble.”

Ktahdn Vesuvino ambles closer…

Ithilethiel shrugs “Whatever happened it sounds like you are not too fond of him anyways… By the way, my name is Ithilethiel, but just call me Ithil if that’s easier.”

Artorias Arkala stops eating and rolls his eyes towards the man giving the ring to the woman he looks at them trying to listen in while being subtle

Maraya: “I will walk over to have a look at the guest.”

Yami: Eyes Hakon through the corner of her eyes for a moment, before she turns her attention towards the ring. It makes her raise a brow at how pretty seems to be from this far. “if it causes trouble, will serve her right, for been so naive”

Laura Polke slips the ring on her finger and smiles, “It is very beautiful.” She looks up at him, “You are very kind and generous.”

Balthezar raises one hand hearing the wolf ” I have something for you too if you want ” he brings a stones from his pouch and tosses it to him ” this is a healing stone, maybe it will help you during your travels”

Harkon: “That is, unless it has something to do with him, and in turn, the odd star. It could be bad.”

Nixie watches all the shinies being thrown about and wonders if possibly she could sneak into his pouch to see what else is in there. She begins to get closer and closer to his pouch

Max catches the stones with one paw ” So now you tosses stones around?” he watches the stones closely and tosses it away ” IT’S A RIVER STONE” snorts ” i can get tons of these in the river” shakes his head ” great gift… I preferred a head to carve…” chuckles to the others

Yami: Turns towards Ithil. “Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not fond of anyone in here, but I guess that stranger man takes the lead of my dislike” She eyes the ring woman wearing the ring for a moment. “I’m Yami, is a pleasure to meet you?”

Harkon looks at the stone on the ground and then ignores it

Maraya: walks over and looks at Balthezar in unbelieving “Hello I am Maraya why did you came here?” She holds out a hand to say hello

Ktahdn Vesuvino sees the pixie moving closer, and hopes she reconsiders

Harkon: “I’ll not be so easily convinced.”

Ithilethiel nods towards Yami “Well met Yami.”

Balthezar notices the pixies around his pouch and closes it with his hand ” Hi dear Lady Maraya ” he still to stare the pixie ” I am here just … for enjoy the feast and the good atmosphere, like everyone else here i suppose, right?” he smiles

Balthezar shakes her hand

Yami: nods at Ithil. “as I said, if you want to know more, I think that man holds the answers, you may be lucky and get an straight answer out of him”

Max “a lot lucky” he moves closer to the others ” he doesn’t answer to the questions, he makes more questions..”

Nixie jumps throwing pixie dust everywhere and crosses her arms over her chest as she glares at the man, she turns to fly the other direction and remembers the discarded stone, she starts to fly towards it

Ktahdn Vesuvino hopes Nixie really won’t pick that up.

Maraya: Her unbelieving turns suddenly in a trust “That makes sense we are all here for a feast to eat and talk and maybe even dance.”

Harkon watches closely as the pixie approaches the apparent healing stone

Ktahdn Vesuvino wonders at Lady Maraya’s sudden turnabout

Ithilethiel grins faintly “If he arrives here and starts giving presents out right away, I bet he has something to hide but disguises it with the way he seems generous with his gifts.”

Ktahdn Vesuvino thinks he is far quicker with gifts than with answers

Max grins ” sure a lot of richness… to hide”

Balthezar nods slowly ” Indeed mylady, Indeed…” grins turning his gaze on the other group of people ” They maybe don’t like me, why you don’t go to speak with them milady?”

Ktahdn Vesuvino ponders temporal relationships… the shining thing disappeared, a man appeared…

Ithilethiel turns to the wolf man on her left “Sorry I didn’t hear your name if I’m right, but I am Ithilethiel or Ithil for short”

Laura Polke looks down at the ring then back up to Balthezar puzzled that he would give her such a gift. She tuns and looks around to others. She watches the lycans dismiss the kind gift Balthezar. “I am not sure why you are being so rude. Balthezar has joined us for out feast and to repay us he has given us gifts. You could at least be nice and thank him, there is no need to be so rude. There is too much distrust among you all because of a shooting star. Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves”

Yami: nods in agreement with Max. “Well most ladies, including the pixies, seems to be enchanted by him, what with him giving gifts and stuffs” she sighs quite loudly. “Simple simple minds.It seems we are at an impasse right now, should we send him away? should we try and keep getting information out of him?” She stops for a moment as a smirk grows on her lips. “We could force him to gives us a straight answer”

Ktahdn Vesuvino moves closer…

Maraya: “That is a good idea Balthezar but i dont think they will understand.”

Max ” Max, my name is Max… wanderer wolf in search of lucky” chuckles ” nice to meet you”

Nixie circles the stone on the ground, its not as shiny as she likes of things, but it intrigues her. as she hears the word pixie she looks up, “Shiny things catch pixies attentions not men.” she discards the stone and leaves it be, the king not wanting it must mean something. she sees an opportunity to attempt the pouch again and flies around Laura’s skirt trying to attempt to glance inside

Ithilethiel smiles at Max “Likewise, Well met”

Balthezar stares Maraya in a weird way ” or maybe yes” smiles deeply

Max to the others ” I tried to ask him questions, but he ignored, maybe you will have more lucky than me”

Maraya: “If you say so i will try to talk with them”

Harkon whispered “Wizardry. The ignorant females are under his spell..”

Maraya: walks over again to the others this time with a glow in her eyes and a smile

Ktahdn Vesuvino thinks Tharodan has the right of it

Yami: Points at the lady in brown cloak approaching. “It seems he has send a messenger”

Ktahdn Vesuvino turns to look

Max raises a brow and waves to the woman approaching them

Harkon nods “I would be careful as to make contact with these if I were you.”

Maraya: “Hey why you dont come over to talk with us? I think he is really ok.”

Max chuckles ” he is really ok? Seriously? He paid you for say so?”

Ithilethiel notices a strange bling in the eyes of the lady approaching but decides to keep quiet for now.

Yami: Stares the woman down, her head raised high. “Really?”

Maraya: giggles “No he didnt pay me i talked with him…and he is ok.”

Harkon: “Shall I make her snap out of it or you?”

Ktahdn Vesuvino keeps an eye on Balthezar

Balthezar grins looking at the woman doing what he asked. He knows a lot of ways to control the minds of people, but doesn’t want to show them his real power. It’s really important that he looks like a normal person for now. He turns to Laura and smiles ” The ring fits perfectly Lady Laura”

Maraya: stares at them in not understanding

Nixie edges closer and closer to the pouch getting close enough to almost peek in, there has to be something in there that could give answers or that she could atleast take back to the grotto

Ktahdn Vesuvino goes closer to Lady Maraya

Maraya: “well then i go back and talk a bit with him again.” she shakes her head

Yami: Grins at Hakon for a moment, before she turns towards the woman again. “Well, what did he said to you that made him so trustworthy in such a short time?”

Ithilethiel observes the stranger for a while as he seems to be staring at the lady with the brown cloak. Before he turns his gaze towards Yami.

Laura Polke smiles at Balthezar as she fingers the ring, “Yes it does. Where did you find such a ring? it is very beautiful.”

Ktahdn Vesuvino has doubts the ring is more than an enchanted bit of granite

Balthezar notices the pixie around his pouch again and decides to open it hiding ” want to check? there are just few stones, few coins and .. oh yes, these Iron pendants, do you want one little one?” he waves the iron pendant close to the pixie knowing that iron can burn them ” do you want it?” raising his voice.

Yami: Shakes hear head as the woman takes her leave. “Should we send our own messenger too?”

Harkon nudges Yami again “See? He is threatening a pixie.”

Ktahdn Vesuvino wonders if a bucket of cold water might help

Nixie gets intrigued until she sees the iron pendant come out, she screams a piercing pixie scream and flies quickly to the other group.

Maraya: Looks over to Lady Laura and at her ring then to Balthezar “Seems they are ignoring your friendly character.” She glanzes at him and smiles

Max tilts his head to the scene ” what it’s happening?”

Ktahdn Vesuvino is glad the Pixie is safe

Balthezar chuckles ” I didn’t want to treat her in this way, but private things are private, and they should to know this” smiles ” Never had intention to harm her, just to scare her a bit”

Ithilethiel nods towards the pixie while whispering to the others around the table in a sarcastic way “Guess this stranger really has friendly intentions (NOT)”

Nixie stands at the edge of the table far away from the man, “I do not have a good feeling about that man at all, he is hiding something.” she looks up to the lycans and others gathered near by

Harkon shook his head “Lies, I heard it in your voice. She was a nuisance to you wasn’t she.”

Laura Polke giggles as the nosy pixie received its reward for going to places it wasn’t invited, “Oh yes I agree Balthezar but to use iron? That would have killed her.”

Yami: Squints her eyes at the man holding the iron. She has no particular love or care for the pixies, but the fact that the man is carrying iron makes her distrust him even more, is possible. “I saw it” is all she says to Hakon

Balthezar turns again to Laura ” Oh this ring was the ring of one Queen, or at least is what the merchant said when he gave me for have his… STUFF back”

Ktahdn Vesuvino asks Lady Laura, “What do you suppose would happen to that ring, should it come in contact with iron?

Balthezar nods to Laura ” and in real I saved that pixie, if she entered in my pouch without my advice, now she was dead”

Yami: She turns towards to pixie. “Well it seems one of you is clever” She turns towards Ithil. “I think you should go and try to talk with him”

Harkon snorted “Good try, but you’re not fooling anyone over here.”

Laura Polke peaked with curiosity asks Belthazar, “What stuff did you have that belonged to the merchant? Are you a type of trader?” She turns and looks toward Ktahdn, “Iron and gold do not react to one another. Other than a few scratches on the gold, there would not be any reactions.”

Ithilethiel turns towards Yami and whispers “How nice of you to send me as messenger.”

Yami: She smiles sweetly at the woman. “But of course, I’m always nice”

Max raise a brow hearing the explanation of Balthezar ” Well, indeed she is alive”

Ktahdn Vesuvino thinks… yes, iron and real gold won’t react…

Harkon: “Because he didn’t have to kill her.”

Ithilethiel nods and grins towards Yami and walks towards the stranger.

Balthezar ignores the comments and looks to laura ” I trade a lot of things ” grins widely ” some rare, some common”

Ithilethiel: “Greetings stranger, I guess we haven’t met yet”

Ktahdn Vesuvino also walks closer

Balthezar smiles ” Greetings Milady”

Yami: Observes Ithil making her way towards the stranger, a mischievous glint in her eyes. “so easy” she mumbles to no one in particular


Ithilethiel turns to face Yami to let her know she heard that.

Harkon chuckled

Yami: Returns the sweet smile to her face and nods at the woman to go ahead

Nixie she takes out the small blue token that the man gave her and reaches it out to Hikari “this is what he gave me. it doesnt feel right.” she shudders at the thought

Laura Polke sees everyone approach to great Balthezar and she steps back. She will ask more questions once the introductions are finishes. It isn’t everyday a stranger appears out of the blue at the same moment a shoot star lands.

Yami: stares at the pixie, but mostly at the item she is holding. “I would throw it back at him, a nice hit right in between his eyes as a way to thank him for such a mhmm nice gift?”

Maraya: “Well lets have some drinks and drink for the new arrived”

Ithilethiel nods towards the stranger “Would you mind telling your name? I am Ithilethiel or Ithil for short. And if you’re busy telling about yourself anyways, I’m curious to know where you came from as well.”

Ktahdn Vesuvino thinks the colorful bright thing in the sky had moved much too slowly to be a shooting star

Harkon grins upon hearing Yami’s advice

Balthezar nods ” My name is Balthezar, from a far kingdom,nice to meet you dear Lary Ithilethiel ” points the bow on her shoulders ” hunter?”

Nixie looks to the shiny, oh how she did love shinies, but this one felt wrong. she looks up to the Lycan and attempts to hand it to him. “I am not that great of a throw.” she looks up with pleading eyes

Max peaks to see the stone ” it looks like a piece of glass, colored…” shrugs

Ithilethiel nods faintly to the question of Balthezar “I am…”

Harkon: “Far kingdom, does it have a name and direction from here? Oh let me guess. You travel there by star?”

Balthezar smiles ” yes my kingdom has a name but you surely doesn’t know it” chuckles ” no , I didn’t use a star, but a boat, I come from the sea and my land’s name is Arthesia”

Harkon: “Oh, a boat? Please do show me where it is then.”

Ktahdn Vesuvino says “How convenient. The boat travels on, leaving no tracks.

Balthezar points the dock ” you can go to check , it’s at the dock, south from here”

Yami: Raises a brow at Hakon, but says nothing about it. The glass still on the pixie’s hand is nice and shiny indeed but has something dark surrounding it, sticky and down unpleasant. She wouldn’t dare to touch it, no matter how shiny it may look.”

Laura Polke hears the name of the land, “Oh that sounds so lovely, Arthesia. What kind of realm is it?”

Maraya: hears what he has to say interested almost forgot about the happenings before like the star

Ktahdn Vesuvino ambles off to find two sticks that can be used to pick up the “dirty” stone

Nixie flies quickly over to Balthezar and drops the stone at his feet and as quickly as she can turns and flies back to the table where she felt a bit safer

Harkon mumbles “So many lies.. I wonder why I even bother staying.”

Balthezar smiles ” Is a beautiful realms, the rocks glow thanks to magic, the weather is always good and warm, a lot of creatures dance around the fires in summer under the full moon” he smiles ” I really love it”

Max raises a brow ” If he lies , he lies really fast anyway, I admit this”

Harkon looks at Max “Do you now?”

Yami: Observes the horned man passing by, he seems to be looking for something, she gives him a questioning look. “What about you? Do you trust that man?”

Laura Polke claps her hands together visualizing the discription, “Oh that sounds lovely. It seems like a land I would love to travel to someday.”

Max shrugs ” I am not from here, sincerely I don’t care a lot, I will be far in few days”

Harkon nods in agreement to Max’s statement

Ktahdn Vesuvino says “Who? Me? No. Not at all. He has more twists than a snake.”

Harkon: “As will I. But something makes me stay for now.”

Balthezar ” sure you will do one day, maybe soon” smiles widely showing all his teeth

Laura Polke smiles back at him, “Maybe someday.”

Yami: Nods and smiles at the horned man. “Well I’m glad to hear that, another one not so easily convinced by the stranger’s charms”

Max grins ” anyway starts to be really late, don’t you think?” looks around ” there is a place near here where i can lay my butt for night?” chuckles

Nixie: “sorry”*

Balthezar looks to the sky noticing that the night is going to end ” yes, maybe a place where to rest is a good idea”

Ktahdn Vesuvino thinks Nixie is right

Max turns to him ” Not with you…”

Nixie looks around to all of them wondering why the continue to talk to someone they do not trust. She sneezes throwing sparking pixie dust all over the food laid table. squeaks out a quick “sorry” *

Max turns to him ” Not with you…”

Laura Polke smiles and speaks up, “You are welcome to use any of the tents. They will be good shelters for the night. You may also build a fire to keep you warm.”

Harkon looked at max again “Yes, whatever this spell slinger is up to I feel like it will not happen tonight.”

Ktahdn Vesuvino says “I suppose there’s no way to get answers out of a sorcerer until he/she is ready to give them.”

Balthezar grins to Max ” this was sure from the start I think” turns to Laura ” thanks for the invitation, I really appreciate this” turns to the tent ” Let me go in so, I feel really tired after my travel” waves ” Have all a nice and safe night”

Harkon: “I’m sure there are ways.”

Max rolls his eyes ” so another night under the stars…”

Ktahdn Vesuvino says “I hope so. I am not wise in the ways of the Lycan.”

Nixie is glad her head will be laying in the trees tonight and not in a tent.

Maraya: “Have a good night too.”

Harkon: “Except for him, he’ll be sleeping among them.”

Laura Polke smiles, “I wish you sweet dreams Balthezar. ”

Balthezar nods and smiles “you too my dear”

Ithilethiel nods and turns back to the other ones.

Ktahdn Vesuvino bids everyone a good night, and goes off to hunt for mushrooms

Yami: Observes the man entering the tent. Her red eyes glaring intently at him. “A night under the stars sounds good, better than inside that tent at least.” she mumbles to Max

Max looks around ” well, time to camp…I bet that tomorrow will be interesting” chuckles and takes a sausage from the table , tossing it in his mouth ” GOOD Night” says with full mouth.

Laura Polke: “Good night Max. I wish you sweet dreams.”

Nixie: “she says accidently outloud

Harkon nods “Oh yes, quite.”

Max looks to Laura and simply waves ” thanks”

Harkon looks towards Yami and Ithilethiel

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