RP at the Hills – Day 2 –


Max Arkala: Hi!

rifatrahman Resident: how are you?

Ktahdn Vesuvino: Hi. I’m curious, so I came to take a look.

Nixie turns around to see a goat behind her and quickly getws out of dodge

Ktahdn Vesuvino: That goat tried to steal my carrots yesterday.

rifatrahman Resident: where are you from?

Nixie gasps, “such a bad goat”

Ktahdn Vesuvino: Me? I’m from… someplace beyond the hills. Not sure. Been walking a long time.

Max Arkala looks at the woman in white ” so human, what’s your name?”

Laura Polke looks over at the lycan, “My name is Laura. It is a pleasure to meet you. May I ask whom I am addressing?”

Max Arkala nods ” Max, wolf… wanderer wolf…”

Maraya: looks at the tasty cookies and wants to steal some from table to hide them in her pouch for later. She looks over and tries not to be seen.

Laura Polke smiles, “I wish you welcome then. If you are hungry please help yourself to some food on the table. I believe there is wine on the table or you may wish ale from one of the casks across the plaza.”

Nixie hears wine and gets excited

Hikari: Stands a little bit away from the creatures, her eyes lingering just for a moment on the goat, scrunching her nose in dislike she ask to no one in particular “Did someone gave ale to that goat?”

Max Arkala nods ” Well thanks , but … ” turns again to the weird star in the sky and points it perplexed” Do you have any idea about that thing? It looks like a star but well, it’s pretty weird, don’t you think?” Stares it ” and also appeared from nothing”

Laura Polke turns and looks up in the sky, “Humm that is odd. I have never seen anything like that.” She looks around to the others, “Has anyone seen a light like this in the sky before?”

Maraya: Hears Max talking about the weired star but her attention was all by her cookies and the goat that seems to act strange “It is not afraid” she points on the goat.

Max Arkala scratches his chin ” I am not a scientist but it doesn’t look a lot natural” tilts his head ” don’t you think?” looks to he others around him and notices the goat jumping around like a mad.

Goat jumps around making weird noises like agitated from something

Hikari: Her eyes turn to the lycan and then towards the sky, and then simply shrugs. “I have no idea what you are talking about dog, is just a star” She turns just in time to see another lycan passing by. “I hope you don’t have fleas” she mumbles quietly, her wings moving slightly in dislike.

Eddah Di Loki stares at the star covering her eyes quickly for the brightness of it

Max Arkala raises a brow and then moves his paw on the sword for one moment , then decides to retire it breathing deeply, knowing the ignorance of other races about who is different ” For you Mr Dog, bald monkey.” adds without any sign of joke in his words.

Laura Polke kneels down to calm the goat and nods to the other lycan that appeared. She watches them closely to see if they have any odd reaction to the light. “Max do you or does the other lycan feel anything odd about it? The goat doesn’t like it so I was wondering if it was affecting your race also.”

Harkon said nothing but walked past the winged lady and when he stopped he glanced quickly backwards, intentions unknown. His attention turns back to the glowing phenomenon in the sky

Hikari: She laughs darkly at his simple come back. “Bald monkey, is that the best you can do? Im not a human darling” her tone playful and sweet but pretty much deceiving. “If you are not a dog, then at least tell me your name”

Mera Tammas: Greetings

Max Arkala grins ” sure that you are not a human, you are a bald monkey, and my name is Max” turns to watch the star ” and you are of any interest for me in this moment ” snorts and moves closer the other wolf ” what do you think about it? It makes me nervous , I don’t know why”

Maraya: Hears the conversation gets out of hand but doesnt care much about it. Suddenly her attention got caught by some birds flying in a circle and up and down. She closes her eyes shortly and rubs them.Laura Polke continues to calm the goat and watches the lycans. She turns to see the others gathered around to see their reactions to the strange light.Nixie paces the ground watching the interaction unfold

Harkon took one step closer to Max, standing beside him. “I have no idea. But I can feel what you are feeling, clearly.”

Hikari: Rolls her eyes and waves her hand in a dismissive way. “Max, how fitting and simple…cute” She turns to look at the star once more, it makes her feel uneasy, and it seems the entire nature around can also feel the uneasiness. Her eyes scanning quickly the animals around.

Laura Polke stands up and looks back at the glowing object as it changes color. she knows the moon affects animals and lycans in different ways. She wonders if the could be a natural phenomenon. “Could this be a natural occurrence? a normal falling star? I do not feel like any magic could be involved as no one else seems to be affected.”

Max Arkala snorts ” Look the animals, they look really scared or something similar… it’s not a good sign ” he turns to the red dressed woman just arrived ” Greeting stranger, we were looking at the star , that weird star in the sky, any idea of what it is?” asks staring her and then turns to Laura ” Well, it doesn’t fall so seems…”

Eddah Di Loki ‘This star appeared when those lycans showed up. They must have something to do with it.”

Max Arkala snorts ” I can tell the same for you and half of the people here” says loudly ” and then I am not the one with horns here, about that , what you are , a demon? an evil spirit? Uh? ” steps closer ” maybe you are involved with all this, who knows” growls and asks support looking to the others.

Harkon ‘s ear twitched upon hearing those words

Mera Tammas: looks at the sky and then answers: “Greetings. What is strange with this star?”

Max Arkala points it ” well, just look , it’s huge and appeared few moments ago from nothing…and it changes color fast” growls to it without any reason ” i don’t like it at all”

Laura Polke steps between Eddah and max, “Now calm down you two. I do not wish any blood to be shed over this object in the sky. It is probably just a natural occurrence and will soon pass in time. I remember a falling star that was in the sky for three days before it passed from sight.”

Maraya: Notices the woman in black outfit behind her “Do you really think lycans can put a new star in the sky? They can hunt for small animals or cats but uhm…i really don’t know where this comes from”

Hikari: She observes the man and the horned woman with interest, a little smirk growing on the corner of her lips. “Maybe you both are to be blame for it, maybe non, maybe I’m to be blame for it” She grins and shakes her head. “Please as if any of you were powerful enough to create such a thing”

Mera Tammas: looks up again: “Pity that I didn’t take my glasses with me. I don’t see anything strange.”

Harkon sighed “Is there no one here with knowledge in magical arts? If so you are welcome to step forward and analyze this strange star.”

Eddah Di Loki stares at the lycan with an angry look on her face

Max Arkala growls back to her but tries to stay calm for avoid issues, he just arrived here and doesn’t want to create problems. “well lady Laura, if this is natural, why the animals are scared?”

Eddah Di Loki mumbles ‘Perhaps they are scared of lycans”

Laura Polke shakes her head, “I do not possess any knowledge of the magical arts, but to me it just looks natural. I am sure it will pass in few days. ” she turns and looks at Max, “Why does the moon affect lycans when it is full? I presume that it is common for lycans. And there are some animals that also act strange during the full moon.”

Harkon: “Except this is no moon I have ever seen.”

Max Arkala growls ” or demons…” turns to Laura ” the moon is always in the sky from always! that thing is not, it can’t be natural” he stares to the star noticing that it pulses more fast.

Laura Polke smiles, presenting a aura of calmness, “A falling star is also natural. This may be passing closer than the others I have seen, There is no magic, just an act of nature.”

Harkon folded his arms and mumbled to himself “I ain’t buying it..”

Maraya: “My instinct tells me that it will bring unluck i can feel something like a new presence of something or someone. Be warned!” She points then in the sky and looks around

Max Arkala steps more closer to the lake ” i want to check it ” looks to the others ” stay here”

Laura Polke looks at the fae, “Then what shall we do? There is no need for panic, It will only cause mass panic and confusion when none is needed.”

Max Arkala returns to the people ” nothing there, it looks like just a star, maybe you have right Lady Laura”

Mera Tammas: “You are nervous without reason”

Max Arkala widens his eyes ” LOOK IT IS MOVING HERE!”

Harkon watches the star coming closer and looks around for cover

Max Arkala brings his sword growling

Laura Polke shouts to the others, “Everyone look for shelter!”

Eddah Di Loki steps back a little while keeping her eyes on the moving star

Mera Tammas: finds her glasses in the end: “Ohhh!! What’s that? Do you see it?”

Hikari: Raises a brow and turns to look at the star, it truly seems to be approaching, her eyes grow larger and her wings flutter, ready to flee

Max Arkala points in the direction of the tent ” IT went fallen in that place! COME!”

Maraya: shrugs as it falls down

Laura Polke hikes up her skirt and follows Max

Hikari: says nothing, but quickly follows

Max Arkala suddenly a stranger appears behind the tent , he growls to him ” WHO ARE YOU?”

Mera Tammas: Oh!!! Did you notice? Awful!!!”

Laura Polke watches a man come from behind the tent, she takes a step back, “Greetings and welcome.”

Harkon narrowed his eye at the new individual, getting an odd feeling from him. Prepared for anyhting.

Balthezar he bows with grace ” Greetings my good people, my name is Belthazar , I was just … wondering around here when I saw a star came from the sky , did you see it too?” says with a smile and bows to the ladies present.

Mera Tammas: “Greetings, Stranger. Who are you?”

Maraya: Looks over to the new arrived man. She grumbles something to herself but nobody understands it.

Hikari: Cross her arms in front of her chest, glaring at the stranger man as he bows. “Obviously that we saw it, that is why we are here, or did you think we were having a picnic?”

Belthazar grins to the red dressed woman ” I think that you didn’t hear me milady, but I can spot your beauty also in this darkness” smiles to her ” and not only your for what I can see” looks around smiling “and two great warriors here, oh… lycans… so proud and noble race”

Laura Polke smiles at the polite gentleman, “Yes we did see it Belthazar. I am Lady Laura and I would like to welcome you to our feast. We have wine and ale if you are thirsty. Please join us.”

Max Arkala raises a brow and turns to the other lycan ” He is real?” chuckles ” well Belthazar, did you see or not the sky?” he looks around trying to find the place of impact

Harkon inspected the man thoroughly , gave Max a quick look as well “You did not happen to notice that the strange star came crashing just where you were arriving from, perhaps?”

Mera Tammas: to herself: “This strange man tries to be gentle but I don’t believe him.”

Balthezar nods and smiles ” Oh a feast , what a happy event!” he avoids to answer at the question from Max and moves closer to the Laura, offerning his right hand ” Milady, can I have the pleasure to sit near to you tonight?” smiles and turns to the red dressed woman ” I am sorry that you think in this way, maybe I can insult you , so you will feel more comfortable” chuckles ” and I am joking obviously my dear lady”

Nixie sits on top of the tent watching the group as she kicks her tiny feet

Hikari: Eyes the man warily, yet can’t help a little smile at his mischievous words to the black haired woman.

Mera Tammas: loudly: “How do you know what i think, Lord Balthazar? Can you read in thoughts?”

Harkon shook his head to himself “Still not buying it.”

Laura Polke blushes slight at the gentleman and places her hand in his, “Of course you may. Please join us. it is odd that you appeared right after the object fell from the sky. Did you not see it fall?”

Max Arkala points her ” yes, give us an answer!”

Harkon walks slowly around the stranger to check if there was something on him that would reveal if he had crashed along with the meteorite

Balthezar looks to the red dressed woman “yes when they are spoke in low voice and i am extremely close” says lieing and grins ” and anyway yes, I saw the star and well, it just went in the lake I suppose, and probably was not even a star, but mostly a lighting… I heard that this can happen”

Maraya: She just has her view on Balthazar looking at him from top to bottom if she can find something strange like an unknown sword or something that is completing her thoughts about him but she cant see anything strange and goes back to the table.

Laura Polke nods, “Yes, the light could have been lightning or some other natural occurrence. The lycans and animals were acting strangely as they are more attuned to nature and can feel when things are not right. Please let us enjoy the feast since the light show is over and you can regal us with your travels and how you came to be here.”

Harkon tilted his head slightly while still scanning Belthazar. “I find it quite interesting that you wield no visible weapon, yet you are dressed for battle. I’ll be keeping my eye on you.”

Balthezar claps his hands once ” well, looks all fine now , don’t you think? so where is this dinner, i am really hungry” grins and looks to the other wolf ” I will be happy to answer your questions after the meal, sorry for now” bows deeply

Maraya: Still grumbling some words which sound like “stranger” and “cursed star” she takes some more cookies

Harkon snorts and went to his previous table while not losing sight of him

Mera Tammas: observes the man, named Balthazar and doesn’t say a world.

Max Arkala snorts ” another way for say I don’t want to answer ” shakes his head ” anyway let’s go to eat, and yes… looks all quiet now” shrugs ” good thing.

Balthezar he offers his hand to Laura and moves to the table , sitting and starting to eat.

Laura Polke stretches her hand out toward the tables, “The tables are over here, please help your self and enjoy. ” She turns to the others, “let us feast and welcome the stranger with open arms”

Harkon shook his head “Fools..” he mumbled quietly

Max Arkala nods and sits

Hikari: Shakes her head in disbelief at how easy these creatures trust the newcomer, yet she is having a slightly like for the darker Lycan, at least he is clever enough not to trust so easily. She keeps her eyes on the newcomer but remains away from him. The energy around him is something…different.

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