RP at The Hills – Day 1 –


Merry busies herself getting food on the table, moving from the fire to the table for all the villagers she has yet to get to know.

Laura Polke walks up to the table looking around for a cup of hot tea.

Merry sets some hot muffins on the table and smiles to the Lady

Max Arkala arrives in the little village, pretty far from his native land and his pack. His paws tired from the long travel and really hungry and thirsty. He looks around and notices tables full of food, the temptation is high and maybe he has some coin inside his backpack.. not sure of this. He turns to the lady near him and with soft voice, pointing the table ” Can I ? I am .. really hungry… in real…” raising a brow waiting for an answer.

Merry: “Oh yes please sit and eat, there is so much, we have been cooking a lot today, sir.” *she eyes him not sure whether to trust him, he looks like she better had feed him even if he IS dangerous…

Harkon walks over to the large ale barrels to pour some in his mug

Max Arkala grins showing his canines , trying to don’t scare the lady and in one second , he sits, eating everything in front to him . He stops a moment realizing that his behavior looks really rude and says sorry with the mouth full of food.

Laura Polke frowns as she doesn’t see any tea, she looks over to Merry as she prepares the food, “Excuse me, Do you happen to have any tea m’lady?”

Merry dusts off her hands on her apron and goes to get another dish from the fire, returning with astonishment to see that the intimidating fellow has cleaned the table. She gapes, then puts the new dish on the table. “hungry I see?”

Maraya: arrives at the table full with delicious food which she can smell already from far and doesnt wait a second to find her place on a bank

Eddah Di Loki stares at the wolf like figure and wonders where he came from

Merry: “Tea, sure milady, coming right up…” *leaves to go put the kettle on

Merry: Here is hot water milady, we do not have any but mint, I hope that will suffice you?” *holds the kettle*

Harkon watches the busy table and decides to move to the empty one. There he spots some very tasty looking meat. He smiled to himself

Eddah Di Loki notices an other wolf like figure wandering around with a mug in his hand

Merry looks at the tall male covered in fur with a shiver of worry then banishes the worry as nobody is attacking anybody…

Laura Polke smiles, “Mint tea will fine m’lady. Thank you so much for being accomadating. I am sure you do not get many requests for tea.”

Merry looks relieved. She won’t get in trouble. Phew. “Bless you milady…”*pours the tea in relief* “Most want ale or wine indeed ”

Harkon drinks from his mug of ale and then tends to the large slice of meat. “Hmhmhmm..”

Max Arkala he turns his head sniffing the air. Another of his race is sitting behind him. He decides to stand up and moves to him , carrying a huge piece of sausage in his right paw. He moves closer and raises a paw in Greeting.

Merry eyes the empty table that the furry one left and signs and goes to make more meat

Harkon had his mouth open ready to take the first bite from the steak “Aaaa.. Oh.. Hey.”

Eddah Di Loki moves closer to Laura ‘What are they? And what are they doing here?’

Max Arkala points the bench ” can I? It is pretty rare to see our folk so far from our lands”

Maraya: smells the tasty cake in front of her wonders that nobody else has seen it and puts a finger on it to taste it as first she grabs a piece and stands up for a walk

Merry listens to the travelers’ conversation as she cooks, she is as curious as they about the furred ones, are but servants don’t ask such things….she puts a big raw roast on a high fire to cook it fast so she does not get reprimanded.

Artorias Arkala looked around and noticed some empty benches so he walks over to it and sits meanwhile watching the people around him

Laura Polke pours the hot water into the cup and adds the mint tea. She looks around to see whom else has joined. She nods and smiles to each. She sees the wolf creature at the table eating as she sips her tea. She turns to Eddah, “I have met creatures like this before in other lands. I do believe they are of lycan decent. If you are curious about them, I am sure they will be happy to tell you their origin.”

Harkon spreads his arms as if he owned the place “Make yourself at home my friend.” he notices him speak of their kind “Well I guess I happened to come here by chance, being a bounty hunter as I am.”

Harkon looked at his steak and then at Max “So uh, names Harkon. What’s yours?

Max Arkala nods ” well, it’s always a joy anyway… ” moves closer and whispers” humans well… they smell of food, is like to wander in a butcher house” chuckles pretty loudly eating the sausage ” Well, My name is Max, nice to meet you”

Eddah Di Loki nods in the direction of the two lycans ‘Have you seen those canines? And there are both carrying swords. I don’t like this at all’

Merry sears the roast and puts it on to boil as that is faster, adding tubers and spices, meanwhile she cooks more steaks as fast and thoroughly as possible.

Artorias Arkala looks at the table and sniffs the food before taking one of the apples and chewing on it he perks his ear as he tried to listen in on the other´s conversation

Harkon nods and grins “Pleasure meeting you Max. And I know what you mean. Can’t say I’m too innocent on the subject.” he replies and takes a big bite out of the steak.”

Laura Polke sips her tea and looks at Eddah and the sword she carries, “Since you are armed also, I am sure you will some nice exercise with the two lycans if trouble occurs. ” She looks over to the lycan that calls himself Max, as his comment on humans, “Excuse me, but it was Max? I am so bad with names, I heard your comment about humans. Have you had trouble with humans in the past?”

Maraya: she notices the table isnt empty anylonger and walks over again “Hello i am Maraya may i have a seat here with you?”

Merry looks over her shoulder at the two furred ones with apprehension and stirs the stew, hoping they find their own darn ale….

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