WWF EALP and Granfondo Stelvio-Santini together for the wolf


WWF EALP and Granfondo Stelvio-Santini have decided to collaborate to preserve the wolf. But why the wolf?

Because the wolf, after risking the extinction, has travelled all over Italy to colonize the country and reach the Alps.

Just like cyclists, wolves travelled slowly but tirelessly hundreds of km to return to inhabit those territories that were once their natural habitat.

Today the wolf is protected by law, but unfortunately is still frowned upon by those who live its presence as a threat to their activities. WWF always acts as a mediator between men and wolves in order to facilitate their co-existence through the organisation of local meetings between the various stakeholders and the provision of tools such as electric fences and guarding dogs.


© Chris Martin Bahr / WWF-Canon

You can help


To help us protect wolves you can:


Contribute with free offer through Rete del Dono network;




Participating in an auction on Charity Stars platform, where you find unique memorabilia from world-famous cyclists.

© Wild Wonders of Europe / Sergey Gorshkov / WWF

What we do

Here’s what we’ll do with the support that you give to us through
Rete del Dono and Charity Stars.

By collecting at least:

2.500 €

we’ll organise educational meetings for Alpine communities and we’ll support the activities of our Large Carnivores Team, who lobbies in favour of the wolf at the European and national level.

5.000 €

moreover, we’ll buy electric fences to be donated to shepherds to protect their cattle.

10.000 €

moreover, we’ll buy trained guarding dogs to be donated to shepherds and we’ll organise courses to teach them how to train dogs.

15.000 €

moreover, we’ll place in some delicate area camera traps to alert drivers of the presence of wildlife crossing roads.

20.000 €

moreover, we’ll organise a communication campaign where the wolf is spreading out.

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