IC hunt (we will have a deer to hunt, so claws out. Who doesn’t have the claws, ask to Max or pick them in the den)
The Hunt will be fully IC in The Wilds, Starting point the den at 4:30 PM SLT in wolf form.
All the hunt will be RP ed and then posted on forum and in the group.
Due Steelwood north territory is restricted only to Steel Claws pack, guests will must Roleplay the permission at the King or at the betas , they will be free to accept or not their presence.


Please set your viewer on “default lights”, we will have a night sky with a nice full moon, good for pics!


4.30 PM – Guests that want to attempt the hunt, will must introduce at the King and the pack in the Throne room. The King and the pack will chose if admit them or not, looking at the past IC experiences and at the present IC alliances.

4.55 PM – Assembly in the Den – Steel Claws pack – All in wolf form ( tiny, medium and large size, giant wolves are not admitted due IC reasons) 􀀃

5.00 PM – Hunt is starting after an introduction roleplay, meter on, huds on and claws out! If you will die, you will be resurrected. ATTENTION , the deer will have claws too!

5.30 PM – Hunt will end. Return at the den and storyteller for relax near the fire.

Due the high number of wolves, guests that will want to observe the hunt , please reduce at min the number of scripts and don’t interfere with the pack’s hunt. They can stay IC in the territory (if Steelwood citizens or allied) , otherwise they must roleplay the permission at the guards.

All the time wolves will be IC, they are NOT DOGS, so if you will get a bite or worst… you will learn something for the future 😉

King Max

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