The Kingdom of Steelwood

Ylva Ullsdotter

ajaxmailName: Ylva

Race: Human

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Titles: Lady Bard of Steelwood, Bard Guild Leader

Alignment: Chaotic Good



Ylva’s Story

I don’t know where I was born, or who my parents were. I was raised by a family of Wanderers ((gypsies)) and taught by various members of the family the skills I have. I always had an affinity for entertaining with music and stories, so that’s what I concentrated most on. My adoptive parents both taught me what they knew, including some simple magical songs.

However, our family Elder insisted on teaching me a few basic healing techniques as well. Of course my uncles thought it imperative that I learn survival skills, so they dragged me with them into the woods any chance they got, teaching me to hunt and track and everything they knew about woods lore. It was always a source of frustration to them that I was completely inept with weapons of any kind.

I stayed with my family until about a year ago when I set out on my own, wanting to see different parts of the world than the route we had travelled all my life. I made my way with the skills I had, entertaining in village inns, visiting festivals and faires and otherwise living off the land hunting and fishing and gathering as I went.

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