Steelwood Statute 2017

General rules.

1 Steelwood is a roleplay sim, moderate. Environment is medieval Fantasy with Norse lore.
2 Adult items and roleplay is forbidden in all the sim.
3 Slavery is forbidden, Children avatars , Furry and Anime style.
4 Steelwood is absolutely a NON GOREAN sim.
5 Steelwood has 3 territories, Woodhaven , Steelwood North and The Wilds. All the three territories are subjected to the same rules.
6 The rules are in the Welcome Center, the only place OOC that is always active. Other OOC places can be placed for special events, which are posted in our groups, and are a one time use only.

1 Steelwood Players are registered and approved only from Owners.
2 When the owners will approve the character card, the player will be added to the Roleplay Group.
3 Players from other realms CAN’T ROLEPLAY in Steelwood without the character card approved before. These players also have no rights to receive huds, items , gifts or classes.
4 Not approved players can’t roleplay in sim, every roleplay from them will be voided.
5 Visitors outside the OOC zones must wear the OOC tag included in the rules folder, inside the main banner in welcome center. Visitors without a OOC tag will be first warned, then eventually expelled.
6 It’s mandatory for every player avoid drama and bad behavior. The only drama admitted is IC. If there will the suspect that the IC drama is made with the intention to hurt also OOC, the guilty player will be expelled.
7 Only approved Steelwood players can wear the meter and the Steelwood huds.
8 It’s strictly forbidden to mention other active realms or roleplay sims during the RP. Eventually alliances will be communicate in our Groups,from owners.
9 Steelwood players will always have priority over visitors.
Alliances and other realms.

1 Steelwood HAS NOT allied or sim partners.
2 Intersim RP is strictly forbidden with other realms and they will be voided on sight.
3 Visitors can’t poach other players in other sims, as the same, they can’t poach players from other sims to Steelwood. A player discovered to do that will be banned.
4 Classes are made for Steelwood registered players and also if OOC , are not open to not registered players. Guests are admitted only after owners approval.
5 Steelwood events, even if OOC are only for Steelwood players. Eventually events open to everyone are posted in the Steelwood OOC group with the ” ALL INVITED” tag.
6 Other realms that are interested to make a partnership or an alliance with Steelwood , must speak with the Owners ONLY. Admins, guild leaders , etc.. are not at the position to decide any alliance or intersim RP.
7 Any eventually alliance will be evaluated only by the owners.

1 Events posted in Steelwood Chat made in other RP sims , without the owners agreement, are considerate poaching and punished with the ban and the exclusion from the group.
2 Steelwood groups are reserved only for Steelwood Events. If you want to post a different event in the group, you need the approval from owners.
3 Roleplay group is not open to everyone, OOC group is open for everyone.

Meter and huds.

1 Steelwood Guild huds are free for Steelwood Players. You can’t use them outside Steelwood Realms.

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