Steelwood’s Chronicles

Day 1, Realm of Feiral, 705 th moon from the foundation.Snapshot_011

It’s been a few hours since the death of my father, the first king of Steelwood and I decided to transcribe this tome every day of my kingdom, this will help me not to make the same mistake twice.
My father left me a little kingdom, I do not know exactly the total number of wolves present in our territories, but do not think that exceed one hundred. So far throughout his reign there were no food shortages which have affected the peace of the realm. All around us the forest stretches for miles, woods, mountains and lakes. The closest realm is a realm of human, in a few days’ journey from here. Humans rarely push themselves so far north, perhaps from the cold, or perhaps for fear of our race. The fact is that in my entire life I have met only a few human passage and none of them has ever been treated badly by us.
A few days before the death of my father we were informed that a new king sits on the throne of humans. I am convinced that a meeting with him is to do as soon as possible, after all they are our neighbors, and maybe it’s time to change the policy of closure so dear to my father.
We are not beasts, and isolation from the rest of the world does nothing but increase the legends on our race, many of them based on errors and hatred that has no affinity with the reality of facts.
I will meet as soon as possible the counselors and the rest of the pack, I decided that before the next moon I will go in person to meet this King, to bring him gifts to show them that we can be friends.
That the mother moon to assist me in my initiative, if all goes as I hope, a new era will begin for Steelwood, no longer isolated and considered animals, but part of a larger world.

Day 4, Realm of Feiral, 705 th moon from the foundation.

Everything is ready, some pack members did not agree to meet the humans and make friends with them, but ultimately yielded to common sense.
We leave tomorrow morning at dawn, the next full moon is still far away, so there will be no risk of scaring humans, we will return before the full moon rise in the east.
I will take my brother Seiral, and his partner Ella, they will help me in my business, after all Seiral is much more inclined to speak to human beings, he traveled a lot in the territories beyond the plain, I am afraid that with my ways I do could strike terror in humans.
I trust that the mission will be a success, I can feel it inside. I have already sent a messenger to the king of the humans, I wait for his reply tonight.

The messenger has just returned, the king of the humans is anxious to meet us. Just as I thought, everything is going the right way.
His name is Dardan, the first. This is his message, complete with the royal seal.

By His Majesty, King Dardan First, Count of the mountains of the east, Prince of the Great Plains, King of Duskwood.

His illustrious majesty.
I was happy to receive his messenger, and I proceeded to feed him and thank him personally for his services in delivering to you this letter. I accept with great joy of meeting His Majesty as soon as possible to discuss in friendship and hope for a bright future together.


King Dardan the first

Day 6, Realm of Feiral, 705 th moon from the foundation.Snapshot_012 (2)

We are almost at the border of the kingdom of humans, I expect to see some very early human. The trip was calm and without problems, we have not met a soul all the way. A plain stretches before us, I can see the sea in the distance and an island, I suspect that it is the capital where humans live, but I am still too far away to see the details.
Seiral has just announced that Ella is expecting a child, is good news, it means I will become uncle next winter, I’m happy for my brother.
All this makes even more important this trip, give a better future to our children. Here comes the night, we will camp here until tomorrow morning to rest the horses, at dawn we head to the realm of humans.

Day 7, Realm of Feiral, 705 th moon from the foundation.

We have just passed the border, the guards of the king there came towards us welcoming us, we were informed that we must go to a nearby village and take a boat to the capital, it seems, it is on the island. I can see the houses and the big castle on top of a mountain.
I do not like the water, Seiral is concerned, he hates even more than me. Ella convinced him to get into the boat, the journey is short, only a few minutes, the sea is calm, I do not think there will be dangers for us. I am writing these lines while the boat is approaching the harbor, the city seems immense, stone on sandy shores, it is impressive to see, it is all one with the largest castle in the center. I think that the king is a monarch very lucky, I have none of that in Steelwood, and I think also that he likes show his wealth. I hope he is a wise person and he understands our intentions.

P. S.

We are in the city, the ambassador came to greet us and took us to an inn here in the village center. People do not notice us, also because I asked Seiral and Ella to look inconspicuous.
I have not fear about Ella, but … Seiral .. I know well my brother, has an innate ability to get into trouble.
The ambassador has informed us that we will meet the king tomorrow and to excuse him, his castle is currently not able to accommodate other people.
It seems to me a very strange thing, that castle is immense, but I guess he has its good reasons. After all, this inn is very good, almost better than my apartment in Steelwood. Ella adores it, she loves the way that humans have to furnish their homes, calls them “delicate”, quite odd for a lycan. Honestly I find this a comfortable place, but from here to love it …
I think I’ll go out to visit the city, new smells and sounds, this is the first time I go into a city made entirely from human to human.

Day 8, Realm of Feiral, 705 th moon from the foundation.

The king met us this morning, we had lunch and discussed with him about a close collaboration between our kingdoms.
He was friendly and helpful, Seiral has not stopped a moment to look at him with a serious face, I think that the king has noticed his behavior.
I do not understand the behavior of my brother, I can understand that he is suspicious of humans, but then we were treated as special guests.
Ella was the most fun part of the meeting, she was totally in ecstasy in front of the king. She talked all the time with him about the furnishings of the hall. I think she’ll want to make some changes to the castle when we return to Steelwood, I have a headache just thinking about it…
For myself I can say that the king deserves my full trust. From what I understand, he has plans to open a trade route between our two kingdoms, and I agree. Nothing better than good trade relations to begin a collaboration.
I will meet his manager to trade in the coming days in Steelwood, he will visit to evaluate what we can trade with them.

Day 8 (evening), Realm of Feiral, 705 th moon from the foundation.

We have a problem, Seiral and I had a nasty argument just few minutes ago and he went out in the city. Clearly he doesn’t understand the importance of the meeting, he told me that i am an idiot to permit at humans to enter in our realms and remembered me what happened centuries ago at the kingdom near us. He is right about them, but he doesn’t understand that a lot of time passed and humans are changed, like us.
Ella is worried about him, she thinks like me that this is the time to stop every prejudice and open our doors, she didn’t spoke with him and only listened.
I am really angry, i don’t want to lose an occasion like this one, he is an hot head.

Day 9 , Realm of Feiral, 705 th moon from the foundation.Snapshot_002

I woke up this morning and Seiral was here in the inn, he decided to return in Steelwood with Ella, i will go with them and i still really angry with him.
Ella told me to have patience and wait, but in some cases we can’t only wait…
I sent a message at the King telling him that we return in our Kingdom, Ella is not agree but she knows better than me that when my brother wants to do something, is better don’t discuss with him…
I seriously don’t understand what the hell he wants, the King didn’t nothing wrong with us, but he can’t stop to say that he is a liar and that he can “sniff” liars, how…ridiculous…
I have intention to speak with him again in Steelwood, at the end i am the King, not him and he is lucky that is my brother, if was another wolf i think that the treatment against him was surely different…

Day 11, Realm of Feiral, 705 th moon from the foundation.

We are almost arrived in Steelwood, i saw the last human yesterday, from now there will be only forest till our home.
I am following the track of Seiral and Ella, seems that they are moving fast, i don’t know why. The full moon will be in 3 days from now and i start to feel its influence.
I caught a deer, while i am writing these words i am here, under a tree , the horse needed a break and maybe me too. Yesterday we didn’t stop , my hope was to meet Seiral and Ella, but didn’t happen.
It’s almost dark, i will start my trip again at dawn.

Day 12, Realm of Feiral, 705 th moon from the foundation.


I am in Steelwood. Seiral informed me that Ella is sick, she can barely walk, this is why they moved fast here. The shaman is looking at her conditions, i don’t know what she has, i am waiting news.
Seiral is angry, he said that the fault of all this is our recent visit in the human’s realm. I am really worried for him, all this anger will poison his person and for sure, will create issues, especially now in this delicate moment.
I received few hours ago a falcon, the King of humans will move here soon, probably the next week and i don’t have time to waste with Seiral. i will do the possible for bring him far during the King’s visit.
The full moon will be in 2 days so when they will arrive, we will have all the time for discuss and decide the best for our realms.
Tonight i will change form and i will go out for hunt , i need…

Day 13, Realm of Feiral, 705 th moon from the foundation.

I went to visit Ella this morning, she looks fine now, probably she was just tired for the travel and for the pregnancy. I am happy , really happy. Seiral was less angry, at first he connected Ella’s issues at our presence in human’s King Castle, but clearly now he changed his mind. Anyway he told me that the King gave at Ella a little box made by wood, he looked inside and there was a hairpin in gold, a really nice gift from him. I hope that from now all the suspicion against the King of humans will go away, we don’t need problems at the moment, just to complete this partnership between our kingdoms, and before the winter. Tomorrow will be full moon and i will go to hunt with others. My first hunt like leader and King. Yes, in past my father let me lead the pack a couple of times, but this time is different. I miss him a lot, he was a good father and a wise man, I just hope to be like him one day.

Day 15, Realm of Feiral, 706 th moon from the foundation.

The hunt was fine, and the weather too. The young wolves had a lot of fun, less the livestock of my reserve. I think that we will eat deer for one week. Ella joined too, with Seiral, and my brother was in first line, just behind me. I decided to do a common hunt with the peasants, I think that when we are wolves we should stay unite, at the same level. I can’t wear a crown on my head when I am in wolf form, yes I still the King, but this no means that I don’t like the company of folks, especially during hunts. Seiral just chuckled at my idea and said that if our father was alive, surely he made me run. But he is no more alive and this is my decision.
The King’s manager will arrive tomorrow for speak about what we can trade with them, I need a good bath and to rest before this meeting, hunt can be fun but surely is not a thing that leaves you relaxed.  The moon is still full, and my instincts are strong, I must sleep.

 Day 16, Realm of Feiral, 706 th moon from the foundation.

Ella arrived this morning really early, so I didn’t sleep a lot but I am fine. She told me ” I want to stay here during the trade”, nothing in contrary, better her than my brother with his bad moods. Anyway, the trading manager arrived after the noon, He had two servants and a lot of stuff to show us. Frankly, a lot of that stuff does not arouse any interest in me, but Ella seemed hypnotized. Fabrics, necklaces, beads, crystals, even a mechanical watch. I wonder why humans are so obsessed with time, that thing made a huge noise.
The only thing I was really interested in, was the wine, for the wolf God! I never drank in my life such a good wine!
Here in Steelwood the grape does not grow so flavorful, we are too far north, our wine is sour and strong, almost a liqueur.
And I will not mention the other bottles that they had with them. Liquors and flavors never tried before.The curious thing is that when I asked what they wanted in return, they gave me a scroll with a short list of objects, most of them really unnecessary as stones and even old bones from the catacombs to the north. They say that with the centuries-old bones produce a powder suitable for their own healers, if they say so …
They want a supply each month, is not a problem, that place is full of bones from before we arrived here, they just make me a favor. Then they want the red stones of our quarries to build jewelry and utensils. The red stone we have here is very malneabile yet when heated becomes almost indestructible. I consider this a wise request. The other things are herbs that grow here, some strange seed that I do not know (maybe they call them in a different way), and to have free access to our kingdom. For their part, guarantee us the same rights on their territory and freedom of movement, as good allies.

I find their requests more than acceptable, the only problem is that Ella wants to put the clock in the throne room and put the curtains on windows “to cheer up the place,” she says …
I think it’s time to talk to her like a King …

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