Legends of Steelwood

The vase of tears.

Elizabeth, a young, beautiful and kind girl not yet married, falls for a young warrior named James. It happens that, one night, Elizabeth, is surprised by one of her brothers while on her way to her young lover. After discussing it with the other two brothers and having decided to silence the story before it became a public fact, the brothers, together decided to go out of town with James. Once in a lonely place, and away from prying eyes, the brothers killed the young and bury the corpse. Back in the house, justifying the absence of James for the sake of war. Elizabeth, worried by the long absence of the beloved, decided to request information to the brothers who pretend completely unaware.

Elizabeth spends every night crying and agonizing over the lack of James. One night the young man appears in a dream and tells her the truth, showing the place where he was buried by her brothers and asking her not to cry over his death.

The next morning, she determined to find out if what she had dreamed was the truth, Elizabeth, went to the place indicated the night before and, after some digging, found the body of James not yet decayed.

Having recognized, but not being able to take away the whole body, decided to cut off his head and, after wrapped , hides it in a pot of basil.

The girl was constantly near the pot of basil, watering every day with her tears. The three brothers, discovered the grisly secret, hurried to steal the head. But Elizabeth was so saddened to die soon.

The Beast


Realm of Feiral, 678 th moon from the foundation.

During Feiral’s realm there was a beast in the mines in the northern lands. Every person went in the mines disappears mysteriously.
King Feiral was not a lot interested at this beast, it was out of his territories and didn’t represented a danger for his people. They know the risks present in the north and they didn’t go inside that territory so often, but only rarely and only far from the mines, for hunt.
But one day , during the full moon, four wolves didn’t return from the hunt so King Feiral sent a little amount of soldiers in the north for check around. They didn’t find the wolves but only a track of scent straight to the mines.

Inside the mine’s cave they found a large pile of bones from animals , humans and dragons. That was sure a den of one bloody creature.

The army returned to the castle and told all at the King, that decided to send shamans, druids and a larger army for drive out the creature once for all.

Once arrived in the cave, they spotted a huge Ogre sleeping on the bones pile. They attacked him with all the powers and the weapons but he woke up and killed mostly of them, he looked like cursed from a strange dark power that made him really dangerous and strong.

The survivors returned to the castle and told at the King about the Ogre and his powers. The King so decided to call the elder druid that lived on the mountains and ask for his help. With the High Priest blessed the King’s Sword with the power of Skoll.

The King moved in the north with a little army, once entered in the mines the Ogre attacked him, he took the sword and with a single hit beheaded the Ogre. A strong power came out from his neck and almost killed all the people inside the cave. The head jumped in a ravine and was impossible to collect.

The army carried the body of the ogre near the lava stream and pushed it inside for burn it forever.

Chronicle by Baldor Silentpaw, Royal scribe.

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