Steelwood History Class – 1

Steelwood history, this is the first class about our history and lore, we will have one every Wednesday for few weeks.These classes will help players to understand better some weird behaviors that the king has in steelwood, and not only the King.

The story of Steelwood is not fully public, this means that these infos are basically OOC, the IC infos are in the King’s library, and only some in the public library so  , if I will not say the opposite, remember that all these infos are OOC.

Steelwood was a free territory at north, for “north ” we intend that in this world we are the region more at north so don’t look at the SL map.

If you watch Game of Thrones we are like Winterfell all the others stay at south or south west . At the start steelwood was only a forest , didn’t have a real name put people from other countries called it , howling forest for 2 reasons, one that this place ic is really windy, and second for the high number of wolves around , was a place not so friendly for humans, pretty cold and rainy.

All started from wolves, there are legends about how the wolves became lycans, or better , Ulfjalls (more infos in another class)

Anyway all started from Skoll, the deity that basically created the race of Ulfjalls. He looked at the wolves in the forest became every generation more clever and gave to them the human form donating a piece of his soul to them. So the main difference beetween a lycan and a Ulfjall, is that the Ulfjall is a wolf turned in human, not the opposite.

Once they had the human form, they started to build towns and to organize a more complicate society .  They basically started a Kingdom that in real was more like a really large pack, also in human form they had always like base the pack rules

This is why Max, and also other royal members are less ” royal” respect to other kings or queens around.

Anyway, all these things are “legends”, they happened? we don’t know IC if they really happened, they didn’t know how to write stories, so they just pass down stories orally. The first document is about the First REAL king of Steelwood, the one that claimed himself like KING and we have to go back of few centuries.

About this, Steelwood has like reference not the normal solar years, but the lunar months ,so every lunar cycle it increases the number of “moons from the foundation” 13 moons – 1 RL year

Basically from the foundation passed 154 years more or less so 2018 moons

Every document of steelwood has the moon date on it ,the chronicles that you can find here in the library start from the 705th moon. How many years ago? 100 . All the events that you find IC are about one century ago, IC you CAN’T find something more older.

We had various kings , Ulfjalls lifespan is really long,but the kings don’t stay in charge all the life.

The first Kingdom of Steelwood was Aderal, then Ishtral and then Feiral. The Chronicles start from Feiral you can find them in the library. Usually the new King is the first born , but not always like you will see in the next classes.

SO basically Aderal was the father of Ishtral that was the father of Feiral.

Usually a king stays in charge for 300/500 moons, depend, it’s not mandatory for the king leave the power at the son, but happens ’cause the feral nature of uljalls push them to go… free and after few years they don’t like to be king and they prefer to go free.

The first IC chronicles start from the kingdom of Aderal

Aderal had a little kingdom, only the part that we call steelwood, no steelwood north that was ruled from feral wolves, not touched from the blessing of skoll, the chronicles are poor and in a different language that is not so easy to understand, anyway i can understand it as my father.

Not a lot happened, most of the chronicles are about to build buildings, the castle, the temple and to kick the ass of “monsters”, or at least what they though were monsters you must think at wolves transformed in humans, so they look at the nature like our prehistorical men.

So a Drows, or a vampires, Orcs or whatever.. for them was a monster, just pay attention if you will hear these stories, they had the bad habit to exaggerate things.

After 310 moons arrived Ishtral

He started to enlarge the kingdom to steelwood north, kicked out the wolves from the territory and build the temple of skoll inside the mines also he built another temple that we don’t know where it was, ’cause went destroyed years later. Ishtral didn’t like humans, that meanwhile moved to north till the border of steelwood and came from the sea, from an island at east. So basically was a time where ulfjalls and humans were not enemies but also not friends, like ” you stay in your home that i stay in mine”

Anyway during the realm of Ishtral the kingdom enlarged, bigger castle,more ulfjalls, druids became really powerful, the kingdom was well balanced and pretty rich you can see the rest of the old Ishtral castle near Mera’s house that was in the perfect center of the kingdom. Now in the middle of the 704th moon, Ishtral died… how? He drowned during a hunt and his first born , Feiral, took the throne.

Feiral decided to start a new era, so have contacts with humans and deal with them. He decided to start to be a real kingdom, made ambassadors, commerce and tried basically to copy human kingdoms

And this was basically his ruin…

Chronicles start with his first day of kingdom and speak about the meetings with humans and what happened later , ’cause i didn’t translate all till now, this part will be a “spoiler” but i suggest you to read them anyway, they have a lot of details that i will not explain here.

Basically this is what happened, Feiral opened at humans, they wanted to commerce things with Steelwood, you must considerate that Arcane magic here was totally absent , they even know that it existed. The king of humans took this like a weak point and with a smart trick , had some “ingredients” needed for summon the royals and then kill them. The first to die was the brother of the king, but he thought at one sickness, then the wife of his brother and at last , him. Meanwhile the King of human, in this case a powerful Mage, spread a curse on the race , and banned almost all the souls of ulfjalls in a limbo for almost one century.The result was that the realm was fully invaded from humans that took basically all and was like that for 95 RL years.

So , Why max is the king?

The Royal family in Steelwood are the Silentpaw but he is an Arkala. Now let me explain you this part. All the royals were killed, but the cousin of the king, not.

The royal scribe Baldor Silentpaw, you will find a lot of documents IC with his name. Baldor was basically my grandfather. He had 1 son only , Neiral, Max’s father.

Neiral so was the last born in the royal bloodline, Baldor escaped during the humans invasion and saved his life, so my father was raised outside Steelwood, at north, the place that we call , north steelwood.They started another pack, Neiral had 3 sons, 2 male and 1 female basically my brothers and meanwhile in these 95 years they enlarged in number for be ready to have the kingdom back.He married with my mother, Annabelle Arkala, Not a royal so Max has the mother’s name and now i explain you why.

During this exile the king of humans sent a bunch of people to kill Neiral. But they failed , anyway they killed my mother, my brother and my sister, i was the last born so he decided to hide me in a village, at south in a human family, with the help of the village shaman, his … friend.

This shaman was a woman, and was in love with my father, my mother anyway died too during the attack, so my father decided to leave me with my mother’s name for hide me better, Arkala is a common surname between ulfjalls, and not a royal one. Call me Silentpaw was probably the better way for have me dead too.

While i was in the human family my father had anyway other sons… one girl with the shaman , and 2 male with other women… These 2 brothers are Jack and Artorias. Jack is actually a NPC, was my RL brother but doesn’t play anymore, Artorias is busy in RL but he is a real character, about my sister this is a more complicate story and is personal, so just to know that she is not around, for now.

When the human king died , 25 years ago, for the following years humans did.. the humans. They started a civil war for have the control and basically went weak, my father meanwhile made an army, invaded them and took back the kingdom and from this, i started the realm, all the RP that we made after, are connected at the story just told.

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