The Kingdom of Steelwood

Sim Update – Dynamic Lights

Good news everyone!


The sim has been updated to DYNAMIC LIGHTS

What means all this, easy!

If you have a computer with a good graphic card, you can activate:


Pay attention, if your card is not enough “powerfull” you will experience a hard frames dropping

We suggest:

At least an i5 computer or faster,  2 GB DDR5 video card and 8 GB of ram, also a good and stable connection.

What changes from the past?

Easy, all the lights now are like in real life , they make shadows. Some places has been updates as well, as the castle, the den and the mines. Others will be soon. You will move in a stunning ambient, set your viewer on midnight, you will discover a new world.

Also the textures now are materials enabled, this means that they will look real like never before.

For who doesn’t have a good graphic card, nothing will change, as well the new lights create also less lag for everyone. Enjoy it!








Snapshot_017    Snapshot_011


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