Rules of Steelwood Roleplay Sim 
Update February 2019

General rules

  • For Visitors
    Visitors can explore the sim and even interact with players but only in OOC mode. They should pay attention to don’t interrupt any RP in progress. A good suggestion is to use IM instead of public chat. Wear an OOC tag (available at landing point) is not mandatory but will make things more easy.
  • For everyone
  • Sim is adult but NO SEX IN PUBLIC IS PERMITTED IN SIM! At the same time , no KIDS AVATARS ARE ADMITTED and NO FULL NAKED AVATARS. It’s really easy, if in RL a thing that you want to do here will be punished if made in public, here is the same.
  • Drama is really nasty, avoid it. If you have problems with another player, report him to the admins that will investigate. Any public drama will be punished with a temporary ban of the involved people, while admins will investigate the facts.
  •  Ask before to rez stuff! Builder here broken his back to make a nice sim, respect him! Don’t rez stuff around the sim or use it like a sandbox, you will make him really pissed and a pissed builder is unpredictable… you are warned.
  • Don’t invite players in your sim. group or in other events, it’s poaching! Even if made with all the good intentions of this world, still poaching. Poaching is punished ALWAYS with a perpetual ban from groups and sim.
  • You character must be realistic and in theme with the sim. No cartoonish, anime heads and similar are admitted. Look around, if you think to don’t fit, probably your avatar is not fine. Remember that Steelwood is in a realistic set up. Even if Aliens can look weird and different from reality, they must be realistic. For example a Donald duck avatar or a Naruto one… are not realistic. Furries are admitted as aliens. If an admin says that your character is not compatible with the sim, just respect the admin decision.

    Some examples of NOT admitted avatars

    Risultati immagini per cartoon avatar sl

    Risultati immagini per second life furryImmagine correlata

    Some examples of  admitted avatars

    Risultati immagini per jomo werewolf

    Risultati immagini per jomo dragon avatar

    Immagine correlata

    Risultati immagini per jomo avatar

  •  Meter in sim is not mandatory. If you have intention to make a skirmish or a fight, please contact one of the admins, they will explain you the correct set up. This is valid only for non-rp based combats ( in other words, with real weapons).
  • Combat in sim is not open, remember that even if you have a weapon, this no means that you can use it. Only registered players can use approved huds and weapons. Other players can’t use ( they can anyway carry them) any type of weapon. If you are a new player you can join the sim and roleplay with others.
  • Please maintain a fair behavior ( no godmodding, no metagaming, no drama OOC). If you don’t know how to roleplay, don’t worry to ask to the admins! And after all this gibberish… the golden rule, be nice and fair, that’s all and try to have fun! Admins, owners and others here are your friends, if you have any doubt , contact them!
  • Have fun!
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