Planet: Arius
Town: Steelwood – GALETH
POPULATION: 25500 (natives) 4500 (aliens)
Time: Today in alternative time line.

Arius is a planet similar to earth colonized by Humans 20 years ago.
When planet was discovered by humans, natives lived in an advanced medieval set up. With some basis technology knowledge as electricity, communications and steam engines more or less like the Earth late 19th century.

The planet size is around 80% of earth with less gravity (70% of terrestrial one). It orbits around at TAU CETI (native name Barhal) that is similar to our sun at 11.9 Light years from Earth.
With the modern technology from Earth to Arius the travel duration is around 1 terrestrial week. The day on Arius is only 13 hours long and the year is around half than Earth one.
Arius has not 4 seasons like Earth each year, but only two (winter and summer) and every season lasts for an entire year (6 terrestrial months), this means that in one terrestrial year, on Arius there are 2 seasons. The planet has 3 moons orbiting around.

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Natives of Arius met first humans 20 years ago, after this, for 5 years humans were considerate invaders, the natives started to change mind also thanks to the progress that humans and other races carried on planet and resolved issues like droughts and famines that for centuries were a big issue.

Even if the planet is pretty big, only a strip around the equator has the good conditions for life during the whole year, due the planet axis , the north and south parts of the planet are frozen for the entire winter season or a desert during the summer.

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Humans have been the first to land on Arius in 1999. The planet has not a countries system, but only few cities that survive trading food and goods.
The main cities are Nearius (the capital), Atalia and Ganeth. Ganeth is the northern bigger city and suffers more the climate changing. It got also the biggest help from human’s technology. Actually the bigger part of humans are in the capital.
Steelwood is the name that humans gave to the town of Galeth, due the propriety of trees that grow all around the town. Their wood is really strong to bear the strong winds during the change of seasons.

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The wood of the trees is also the main pillar of Steelwood economy. All around the town there are the mountains, they help Steelwood to tame the wind that , even if strong, it’s not a real problem for the citizens.

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