The Kingdom of Steelwood


Rent your own house in Steelwood!

In Steelwood you can rent a house with the following fee.

10 Prims – Free

25 Prims – 150 L$ Week
50 Prims – 250 L$ Week

Prims can’t be be combined.

Ex. You can’t ask for more than 50 prims.



House can’t be changed, recolored or modified. It’s forbidden to rez objects more far than 2 meters from it.
Skyboxes are forbidden as heavy scripted objects or particle emitters.

How to pay

– Click on the rental cube (Green) on the back of your home, select PAY and pay the amount of your choice. Minimal rent is one week. You can pay also with Paypal.
– Renew your payment before 2 days after the expiring date, otherwise your object will be automatically returned.


Enjoy your house in Steelwood.


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