In steelwood they can be:

Explorers, Hunters or Rangers.



The Rangers respect the land and its inhabitants. They know every curve, every hill, every path, every tree, and every creature. They walk the paths that are seen and those that are not. Their footsteps leave no mark on the land, moving swiftly with the wind in agile movements.
They are masters with bows bar none and skilled with other weapons.

They are the eyes and ears of the Realm. They observe in the shadows, watching and listening to all those around them.
They are protectors and will do all that is required of themselves, and yet, they do not follow blindly or foolishly, they are smart and always follow their instincts, they listen to the land and know how to read the earth.

They are mostly solitary people, who like to spend their time in contact with the nature. They are self-sufficient and will handle many situations with a level-head. They are not angered easily and know when they need help and are not afraid to ask for it.


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