The Kingdom of Steelwood

PvP (Player Vs Player)

PvP Areas

The PvP areas active in Steelwood are the following:

Main Plaza (in front to the healers hall)
Fort Claw
Castle Entrance
The wilds (all the area)
Factions Area (all the area)
You will receive a message when you will cross one with the instructions in a notecard.
Stay in a PvP area doesn’t mean that you will be always attacked, but just that is possible to be attacked and to combat.
Combat Policy

Steelwood is also a combat sim but you can’t combat everywhere.

(IC) Skirmishes
Skirmishes are possible only in PvP zones (you will get a message in chat when you will cross one).
If you need to combat due RP reasons, please communicate to the other player that you want to
fight and move in a PvP area so the fight don’t interfere with the other sim activities. All the RP
skirmishes must be approved by all the involved players and roleplayed in the Steelwood IC chat. A
good way is to RP at least 3 lines of aggressive RP in local chat, in order to make your intentions

ATTENTION In some of these areas is legal also the kill on sight without any RP. Mostly of the PvP
areas are in “The wilds” sim, but they can be everywhere. Pay attention to your local chat messages.
These areas are IC , if you die you need a healer to resurrect or to wait 300 seconds. These areas
can be used for roleplay attacks or aggressions.

(OOC) Fighting Arenas
Steelwood has also 2 combat arenas, in these areas you can organize combats between factions
using the meter in NORMAL mode. These arenas are used also for tournaments with prizes.
Combats in the Arena can be with full equipment (dropped weapons, huds) or only with meter and
weapons. Settings will be announced before a fight.

(OOC) Dungeons
Dungeons are full combat areas against NPC. They can’t be used to attack other players. Meter in
NORMAL mode and in full equipment and huds.

(IC or OOC) Tournaments
Tournaments are organized to test the skills of players in combat. They usually have a big prize . All
the fights in tournament MUST be made without huds and only with the starter weapon. Type of
tournament (Ranged, Melee) will be announced before it. Meter must be set on TOURNAMENT

(OOC) Training Arena
Training arena is open for free training and is always OOC.
Steelwood doesn’t use dices. The Rp combat is possible only without weapons and
between players that have agreed between them. Players CAN’T be forced to RP a
combat or to fight with real weapons. If you get an aggression in a PvP area, this
will be just your fault, no complains will be accepted in any case.

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