Lycans in Steelwood


These are the race characteristics of Lycans in Steelwood. These rules are valid only inside Steelwood. Outside steelwood, ROE rules will be applied.

– Meter set up
Lycan ( No Werewolves or other variants)

– Race powers Hud
Bite , Rage hud level 2 (only in Lycan form)


A lycan can shapeshift in wolf, human and lycan form (also called Natural form or war form )
The wolf form should be reserved and the lycan in that form should not reveal who he or she is really.
Never shapeshift in public, find always a reserved place. Don’t reveal the identity of other pack’s members if they are in wolf form calling them by name.
REMEMBER – You are a wolf, not a dog. Don’t chew things, play or act like a dog, you are a feral creature clever and free. Don’t permit collars on you at all.


All the lycans in Steelwood are natural lycans, this means that they born lycan, from two parents or only one. No humans or elf “turned” lycans are in Steelwood.
Lycans can change form when they want.
Lycans have 3 forms – Wolf, Human and Warform / Natural form

The full moon doesn’t force them to change form, but if they will not change it, they will be crazy and sick.

A Lycan is Steelwood is basically a human with the soul of a wolf. From the wolf he acquires strong, health and improved senses. At the same time the wolf inside is feral and wants to dominate.

A Lycan that doesn’t change in wolf form for a lot of time, becomes sick and crazy, the natural form of a lycan is the Lycan form (war or natural form).

A Lycan heals really fast, we can also change shape for heal more faster.
Silver hurts old lycans and kills young lycans in different ways. The age of a lycan is not based on the character’s age but on time of presence in the pack. In case the lycan is part of one guild, the rank of the guild will be used for evaluate the silver’s damage on him or her.

Rank 0-1 – Silver Kills only for contact.
Rank 2 – Silver Kills only if touches the blood (ex. A stabbing)
Rank 3 – Silver Kills only if stays inside the body for a long time (ex. An arrow for hours)
Rank 4/5 – Silver inside the body will poison the lycan for days, if not removed, it will cause the death (after 3 RP days)

Silver can burn also high ranks, never manage it with nude hands.
For heal or resurrect a lycan killed by silver, is necessary remove all the silver from the body before the resurrection. If the Lycan’s blood is corrupted from silver, it needs to be cleansed.

Lycans in Steelwood don’t have a specific God , they can chose or simply stay without one.


A bite doesn’t turn a human or a Elf in one Lycan, it will make a WEREWOLF or will kill the human. A WEREWOLF is basically a human cursed. He will need to be cured and cleansed, a human can’t control the “beast “ inside him and will die soon, probably at the first full moon , when he will change in lycan form. If they survive , They will not remember what they will do in lycan form, also they will act only for instinct. Anyway, there is no way for a human to be a werewolf for a long time, they will die soon or later.

Lycan blood is really toxic for dragons and vampires, also bite a dragon or a vampire will mean be poisoned or die (see the silver rules and adapt them in your RP).

Steelwood has ONLY ONE PACK – Steel Claws. This pack has not strong rules inside, all the ranks acquired are valid only inside the pack and between others lycans for RP usage. The only rank that counts everywhere is your guild rank.

No other packs are admitted nor member of other packs inside Steel Claws. The pack is open only to Lycans and Wolves, all other races are not admitted. Steel Claws has not allied.

Steelwood is considered territory of Steel Claws. This means that other lycans can hunt or stay in it only on request made earlier at the Alpha or one betas.


Lycans in human form have all the weapons/huds admitted from their guild and rank
Lycans in wolf form can use only claws and his own hud admitted from their guild and rank
Lycans in Lycan form have all the weapons (OR Claws) /huds admitted from their guild and rank and Rage hud level 2

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