The Kingdom of Steelwood

Lord Ranger Kiri Ravenwind

Fae_AVA_160122_01Lord Ranger Kiri Ravenwind

Race:   Elven

Age:  Private

Gender: Female


Lord Ranger Commander of the Kingdom of Steelwood

First Daughter of Jorel and Hespa Ravenwind

Elven Elder of the Steelwood Elves

Ravenwind is Light in her alignment as are most elves since they are the creation of Varda, who made the stars, and were given life by Iluvatar.  Kiri makes her own decisions based on what she knows and understands thus she does not blindly follow any one person.  She is outspoken and unafraid.  Such brash boldness is a threat to some and admired by others.  Also, her quietness can be as effective as the most strongest word.  Kiri Ravenwind is a defender of Steelwood with a strong diplomatic stance and a masterful bow.  Foremost, she is Elven.

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