Laura Polke


Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Titles: Priestess of the goddess Selune, High Priestess of Steelwood

Alignment: Neutral Good

Laura Polke is of unknown parentage. She was found abandoned in a forest as a baby and raised by a hobbit. The hobbit, the one she called mother, instructed her in the ways of herbal healing and courtly manners.  As she was growing up, she became aware of her gift and the hobbit made sure her gift was hidden by keeping her covered and veiled when she appeared in public to protect her from those that did not understand the concept of acceptance.

After the hobbit passed, Laura left the cottage where she was raised and began to explore the world.  When her gift was discovered, she was either imprisoned or banished from the land.  She continued to travel. giving aid to those in need and searching for a new home where she would be accepted.  She came upon the land of Steelwood whose King was a lycan.  She was welcomed to the land and given a home.  To repay the kindness of the King and to the residents of Steelwood, she became a healer.  After her conversation with the High Priestess Jaki Stardancer-Vossler concerning her gift, the High Priestess suggested she join the clerics as she believed her gift was given to her by a deity. And thus, the path to being the High Priestess of Steelwood began.

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