by dleoblack

Druids are blessed by the Elements. Nature is whom allows them the privilege to heal on this mortal plane or to make enemies suffer. Druids are allowed by the Elements to ask (never order) in manifesting the Elements to work for them at time of need. They are strongly linked to nature and believe all of nature beholds life. Druids master one Element in particular, however are also blessed by the others: Earth, Air, Water, Fire.

Any druid may use a Staff or polearm. In essence, it is a stick, therefore, any may pick up a stick and wack someone with it. Also, any Druid may use a SF healing wand. Please message Jakire if wanting to use a Wand.

Below are both Roleplay advantages of a Druid and SF weapons to aid you along your chosen path.
Earth……. Earth in essence is the material we are made from. From the dirt, to flowers, to trees to much of the substance we encounter everyday. Earth is looked at as the father of everything solid. Earth is more than the ground we stand on, the brown dirt we know with this name, it is stone as well in all it varieties, including the most precious gems. It appears also in the form of wood and every object we shape – though endowed with a spirit to serve us as tools – is Earth in its realization.

With Earth as your chosen element, some examples of healing can be stones or gems used to aid from healing powers beyond the veil. Herbs may be used continuously with all elements, but even more so with having Earth as your primary element. For damage control, boulders sent from the mountains to disrupt your enemies path.. or squash ’em like pancakes, Earthquakes, Mudslides, all very useful in either agitating your enemy or impaling them.

Polearm/Staff. Examples of animal forms may be a Bear, Panther or Wolf but not limited to just those. Just keep in mind it would be an animal whom dwell on the surface yet not one of magical properties. It can not be a Unicorn, for example.


Water… Water represents everything liquid, from ice, to water in ponds, rain and saltwater from the oceans. Water in its physical form is needed to live as one must drink or absorb in a way some form of it, as life – be it plant, animal or sentient life – seems to depend to a large degree on this element in order to survive.

With Water as your chosen Element some examples of healing may be using pure water to purify or cleanse. Herb infused teas can be essential in the healing process as well for Water Druids. For damage, rain or snow storms, waves of water from the oceans can obscure their vision or thoughts or even drowning the swimming enemy.

Spear/Trident. Examples of animal forms can be an Eel, Shark, Seahorse or Dolphin but, again, not limited to just those. This particular animal associated with Water can be just about any animal dwelling within water, ponds or oceans yet not of of magic. It can not be a Mermaid or Kelpie.


Fire…. Fire in its physical appearance can do for you what the sun itself does for the whole world – it provides you with light and warmth and can serve you as heat source to cook upon. Fire is also an impulsive and a dangerous element, that can smolder and suddenly burst.

With Fire as your chosen element examples of healing can be warmth provided by the element itself or adding calming herbs to a roaring fire and waifing the smoke towards the injured to inhale. For damage control, spitting fireballs from a flame towards your enemy would surely make them scramble for safe grounds. Another could be setting them aflame or the cottage they sought shelter in.

1 hand sword. Examples of an animal form is a Fox, Lion, Snake or Scorpion. This type of animal form would do best in warm climates, yet can not be a magical being such as a Rakshasa (biped Lion)


Air… Air is invisible, unpredictable, unreliable, playful, soothing and destructive but its influence can be clearly felt.. Unpredictable and changing the Element of Wind can easily be a roaring hurricane as it can be a playful breeze.

Examples of healing with Air as the Element can be soothing winds to the injured mind or body or sending a plentiful aroma from nearby flower fields to help calm a gathering springing towards War. For damage, Air is not calming.. it is the invisible enemy sending hurricanes, tornadoes, gusting winds… all very useful to keep enemies at bay.

Normal or Short Bow. Examples of an Air animal form is pretty much any animal which fly… Owl, Raven, Hawk, Bat and etc. As with the other elements, they can not be magical forms so no Dragons or Gryphons.

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