In Steelwood there are Jobs instead of guilds and there is not a ranking system, this is the main difference from the old roleplay setup.

In this way, every player can have a job like in real life, but can be also interested to other things, making the character more detailed and deep.

This is an example:

Tom – Occupation/Job: Military (Guard) – Interests: weapons, politic, trading

Jennie – Occupation/Job: Doctor/healer – Interests: Gardening, robotic, exploring

Instead of a ranking system, you can raise your social status or job status showing your skills during the roleplay. 

This system delete some common problems in roleplay games, like:

  1. New players are not “scared” by high ranks
  2. Experienced players don’t need to start from zero.
  3. Players can play the role that they prefer from the start.

Admins and owners will decide, reading the roleplayings, who deserves promotions. The fastest way to raise your status is to roleplay using your skills and fantasy and being active.

Here roles available at the start, if you want to add your own one, this list is just a sketch. Just write what do you want to be in your roleplay, inside the character card.

Guard, Bodyguard, Soldier, Instructor, Vigilant, Army Pilot 

Doctor, Nurse, Healer (traditional)

Botanic, Geneticist, Engineer, Repairer, Inventor, Programmer, Astronomer

Trader, Cargo ships pilot, Cook, Bartender, Farmer, Innkeeper

Politician, Trade unionist, Lawyer, Judge, Ambassador, Town council member, Mayor

Social roles
Counselor, Priest/Priestess, Librarian, Storyteller

Smuggler, Spy, Fundamentalist, Headhunter, Mercenary, Assassin


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