Steelwood policy on meter is easy, your meter must be always ON during the time that you will stay here IC.

You CAN’T hide your meter using *
If you are not agree to fight, set your meter color on ORANGE
Pay attention, some places in Steelwood are protected from traps , if you fall in it IC and you die, the RP will be considerate valid. The traps are inside “prohibited” places, like military buildings and such.
If you want just to explore, set your meter on OOC and don’t interfere with the RP in progress, don’t use the local chat for gestures or public speaking, ask in IM to the others or contact one admin.
We love to keep an intense and realistic role-playing atmosphere, any interference will be communicated to the admins.


Arcane Magic DOESN’T WORK in Steelwood main sim on ground level ( Works in Steelwood north and the wild territories). Till L3 (included) you can’t cast ANY spell, L4 and L5 can cast spells but they will return at the sender due the Veil that protects Steelwood against Arcane magic (so pay attention at what you cast).
The Veil is generated from a Crystal , well protected and hidden in Steelwood, this Crystal is made from Skoll, our deity. There is no way to break the veil on Steelwood but the Crystal can be destroyed. It has 1000 HP but doesn’t regen, this means that you need more than one attack for destroy it. Once destroyed the Crystal will be no more active and the veil will fall down. For the reason that we had the Crystal after a long RP, we will need to build another one and this will require a lot of time.
Every RP that concerns the Crystal must be decided with the sim owners.
Attack our crystal or try to destroy it means war in any case. The Crystal is the most important thing in Steelwood, is like attack in RL the White house or St Peter’s Cathedral.

NONE KNOWS WHERE THE CRYSTAL IS EXCEPT THE KING and some trusted persons inside Steelwood , so you CAN’T KNOW where it is at all.


In every fight here in the Steelwood Realm, there must be a probable cause to fight. That means, the roleplay must be there. In acts of fighting your own residents, there may be consequences. Please remember this and keep your engagements realistically to your character.

REMEMBER – 3 LINES of aggressive RP are mandatory for start a fight, and THEN drawn your weapon. It’s also good ask them in IM if they are agree at one combat. Remember always to check if they wear the meter and well, if you wear it too.

If you fall unconscious, you are still alive. Please wait for a Healer, or wait until your meter arrives at 24 Health and seek one. Within roleplay, you will be hurt.

If you fight and win, please do not godmod the unconscious character. Ask them in OOC ims what they agree to be done to their character.

If you fight and die, you must either wait for a Healer to arrive and resurrect you, or wait 15 mins to reset. Once that 15 mins has passed, you must act hurt and find a healer (Also NPC if none available) and reset your meter or wait for the IC resurrection by healers.

If all parties agree on a Skirmish, they will not go over 5 players for each side. If there is more than 5 in your party, you must contact an Admin or Sim owner.


Steelwood admins decided that DICES are NOT ADMITTED in Steelwood’s territory. This means that the use of dices huds are not legal here.

At the same time, RP fights are not admitted too for combatant guilds.

Steelwood admits  only real fighters in our local combat guilds, who can’t for personal issues or technical problems can quietly join a NO COMBATANT guild as healer  for example…

Outside fighters used with RP fights, are invited to don’t start a RP fight here, the RP will be voided and the player reported at Steelwood’s owners. After 3 reports there will be a temporary ban from the territory.

We understand that some players have slow computers or other issues, in the first case it’s proved that you can combat in a skirmish also with a slow computer (we have few example here in Steelwood) , in the other cases we can’t help. It’s also true that some other people use this like excuse just for avoid to train or combat. Looking at the fact that we can’t know where the truth is and that this is basically a video game based on a 3D interface, RP fights are restricted only on our forum on .

In ANY case you CAN’T force a player here to have a RP fight OR a real fight. If you don’t fight you are warned, don’t start something that you can’t complete. If you fight, ask to the other player if is agree to have a real skirmish, if the answer is no, don’t force him to have it, there are tons of ways to have a RP without swing the swords.


N.B An aggressive RP is considerate the start of a fight, think before speak, otherwise also if you don’t combat, this no means that you can’t be killed!
Also Kill on Sight – KOS – is permitted in Steelwood! So if you try to enter in military buildings like the fort or the dungeons without have the permission in RP, you will be killed without ask.


If you are not agree to fight, set your meter color on ORANGE (Steelwood players)

If you belong at one combat Guild in Steelwood, like Ranger, Cavalier, Knight, etc…
YOU MUST FIGHT WITH METER ON and real weapons.
RP fights from combat guilds are not admitted in Steelwood.

If you DON’T belong at one combat Guild  inside Steelwood you can’t fight here IC, but only in tournaments or trainings with meter in tournament mode.
RP fights from combat guilds are not admitted in Steelwood.


THIS IS A METERED SIM, this means fights AND rp, not only one or other. Please respect the sim rules also if you are from another sim, every RP attack on metered fighters without have the ok from them, will be considerate bullying, and you will be banned from the sim.
At the same time, every attack not justified against no combatant players will be punished at the same way.

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