Name: Fae

Origin: European folklore.

The Fae (also faerie, fay, fair folk, faery) are a type of mythical beings or legendary creatures, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural. Fae are not soulless- they ARE souls.

The four elements of earth, air, water and fire are thought by some to be where faeries originate. They are closer related to elven relations and aligned to an elemental type: Fire, Air, Wind, Darkness, Light, Wood, Water etc. The 4 seasons are governed by Fae.

They are chaotic creatures by nature, tho that does not mean they can not be good, evil or neutral.

Faeries are divided into the Seelie Court, the more beneficently inclined (but still dangerous) faeries, and the Unseelie Court, the malicious fairies. While the fairies from the Seelie court do enjoy playing pranks, these are usually harmless affairs, compared to the Unseelie court that enjoy to bring harm to others as entertainment.

Physical characteristics:
Faeries are generally described as human in appearance and having magical skills. Their size can vary from a few inches (Pixies) to full human height (Aes Sídhe). The male Fae tend to be slender and not as muscular as other races, most of time is taller than the female Fae whose body is lithe and delicate looking in comparison.

Wings: The Fae usually have wings, tho a few of the also considered Fae creatures such as goblins or dryads for example are mostly wingless. Their wings are often depicted as insect or butterfly like, the color and size varying from one Fae to another.

Eyes: Most of the faerie has green eyes (Seelies) or blood red to pitch black (Unseelies), tho the color may vary depending of the Fae origins and experiences.

Skin: Their skin can vary depending of the faerie origins, from purple tones, to green, pink and blue, been the most common the peaches & cream tone in the case of Seelies and light to dark ash tones in the case of Unseelies.

Hair: The hair most of the time is a reflection of the Fae first element.

Clothing: Faeries prefer to wear light, comfortable clothing, the main reason for this is that heavy clothing such as full armors can make it difficult for the Fae to fly. Also Faeries are most of time barefoot, tho footwear may be used depending of the situation.

Fae are mischievous by nature, they love chaos and love much more to be ones causing it.      They are well known as tricksters and sometimes their jokes can be cruel.
Faeries are usually pacific, but can turn into fearless warriors when they need, in order to protect those dear to them. A lovely, silly, mischievous Fae can turn into a dark, frightful creature ready to use their skills to bring down those menacing who they love or care for.

Life expectancy:
Fae are a step between elements and corporeal beings. They are half corporeal and half-mortal, and they can not contract diseases. For these reasons the fair folk tend to have pretty long lives, from hundreds to thousands of years. Also is important to notice that Fae are immune to any spell casting that consists of their Element (rp only)
Tho this doesn’t mean they are immortal, a Fae can be killed, the most common method is by using cold iron seeming as it is very poisonous to faeries. If a Fae becomes in contact with a iron knife they will not heal from it the wound will feel and be more like a freeze burn- so cold it may feel hot. If the cold iron gets in contact with the blood through a wound or if ingested the Fae will for sure die.

Magical features:
The Fae have access to their own element type and can obtain energy from that one element and also can manifest that one element within themselves.

Fae are allowed to use their Element, Glamour, Charm and can also speak to animals- this does include Dragon or Lycans if speaking their basic animalistic tongue.

Fae are in close contact with nature, they can feel the change of the seasons and the energy of the trees and plants.

Fae can manifest their glamour to other people and items. (Example: make themselves, someone or something appear under an illusion in order to make it look different. But only for a short time and only one item at a time. All other Fae tho, will be able to see through the glamour. Also, is important to notice that the glamour is an illusion, and as such it will fade rather quickly if the person or the item is touched by someone else.

Charm touch is a RP only ability (consent needed) and can be used to have certain level of control over someone’s actions, tho it can not make someone do something they may not normally do. Example: it can’t make someone commit suicide or force a person to fall in love with someone else or make a creature of evil nature turn into good.

Another information:

A half-Fae is a child from one Fae parent and a non-Fae parent. A half-Fae doesn’t have all the advantages of the full-Fae parent, since they are a full embodiment of flesh and blood as a result of the mixed breeding.

Specific Fae Types:

*Dryad: Physical embodiment of a Tree Spirit. A wingless Fae race.
*Aes Sídhe: True Fae, nature born, related to the Tuatha Dé Danann.
*Ents: Living trees. They do not use Magic or weapons but have powerful physical attacks.
*Faun/Satyr: Upper body of a humanoid with the lower body of a goat. Agil and cheerful.
*Gaian: A kind of Fae whose natural form is a Will’o’wisp – A Ball of Light – tricky and mischievous.
*Mermaid/Merman: Upper body of a woman/man an the lower body of a large fish. They have water breathing ability (infinite air).
*Nymph: Wingless water Fae. They have water breathing ability (infinite air).
*Pixie: Tiny physical winged Fae.Typically known as tricksters and delight in deliberately misleading people.
*Sidhe: Are mildly supernatural beings similar to Fae. Humanoid in appearance, they are half Elf and half Fae. Some have wings and are capable of glamor to change hair, eye and skin color.
*Siren: Merfae with beautiful voices, and typically seen as irresistible women. Oftentimes they oppose intruders upon their waters and use their voices to lure sailors to their doom.
*Sprite: “Ghost” They are creatures of the element water. They are found only in places where it is serene and cool. They are some of the most creative fairies.
*Will’o Wisp: Minor Elemental. Disembodied elemental spirit which takes the form of a Ball of Light. Color depicts type of Elemental: Brown or Green for Earth; Blue or Violet for Water; White for Air; Red, Yellow or Orange for Fire.
*Pooka: Celtic fairy Water Horse.
*Kelpie: Seaweed fairy. Evil water beings. Their natural state is a pile of seaweed but they can take on a permanent shape.
*Sylph: Air fairy. They are playful and love music.

Other Fae Folk:
Elves, Gnomes, Dwarf, Avariel, Orcs, Goblins, Brownies, Centaurs, Gnomes, Griffon, Gargoyle, Harpy, Naga, Nyads, Pegasus, Troll, Unicorn.

Based on:

Celtic Legends and Mythology of the Fae

Updated: 25/01/2017

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