Dragons, Wyverns, Gryphons, Drakes, etc are led by Jakuami (Ranith.Strazytski)

The Races are broken down into General Hit Point levels. All are based on 100 health and 100 stamina.

1. GIANTs (Dragons) +30 Health / -10 Stamina
There are (to be determined) Giant Slots on the Battlefield for this Racial set.
Other dragons on the Unity meter ( Water, Elemental and Planar) count as full dragons on a battle roster because they fly, use dragon fire and dragon claws as well as any magic they may have if they are members of a guild.

Adult Dragon:
True Dragons are allowed full use of Claws and Breath Weapons. They are also allowed to use whatever spells they may posses if they are a caster.

Flier penalty
If you choose to fly you must take the flying penalty of -30 health.
Claws and spells can only be cast when on the Ground or during Air To Air Combat. All dragons or dragon kin must be 20 meters above other players when claws or spells are used air to air so as not to hit anyone on the ground.

You are allowed to strafe 15 meters above the ground at the lowest, with dragon fire.

All fliers if they land and attack an opponent must land 5 meters away and approach on foot, then stay to finish the fight until one is dead or flee on the ground until they are at least (5-10) meters away from the opponent(s) that were attacked. You can know when you are that far away by whether you can see their meter or not.

Dragons that are fliers may use the (NEW) wing flap (when available) to escape situations into flight

Flying Caster penalty
If you choose to take the flying caster penalty you lower your total health to a max of 30 but may use spells and claws and breath, air to ground when flying.

All dragons, drakes, wyvern and draken with wings can use the wing flap dragon racial power as long as they have wings on and can fly. Human forms cannot fly and so they cant use wing flap. Draken forms can fly and so can use wing flap.

Dragons may acquire magic resistance depending on their guild and rank.

Full Dragon Form:
Dragons in full dragon form (Quad Dragons with 4 legs) must have an arc less that 2000 and may fly, use the breath and claw weapons they qualify for, but may not use hand held weapons such as a sword or staff or bow or artifacts. If they are in a recognized guild in the GA they may use magic in the form of a hud only. Staffs, books, wands and artifacts are not permitted.

When the new huds are available, this will change and guild powers may be in the form of a worn focus such as a ring, amulet, orb or object like that so long as its powers fall within GA guidelines.

Upon occasion, one may be asked to switch to biped/humanoid form due to lag. But as we have gone to the 2000 ARC ruling that is happening less and less. In the event the Avatar you are wearing exceeds that but you are still chosen to fill that role on the Field of Battle please switch to your Biped form.

Scripts are now limited so please be aware of the script count of your avatar.

Full Dragon or Draconian Form
Dragons in their dragon or draconian forms have natural armor from their scales and may add AC3 on the meter. If in humanoid form, elf, orc, human, drow etc, they may not use this natural armor but may use the armor of their guild.

During a battle a dragons armor may be broken so in role play after the battle they must take time to heal in Role play possibly by resting in their horde. During the battle if such a thing happens they may use the stone skin or leather skin potion while conscious.

Humanoid Form: (Human, orc, elf etc…)
Humanoid Dragons are still allowed Breath Weapon (In GA Battles only) and they Can choose to use Claws instead of another Weapon.

Humanoid form dragons can use a bow and other weapons as well as magic such as staffs, books or wands according to their guild qualifications, unless it is a weapon restricted by their class. They may not fly unless this is specifically requested for the battle as mentioned above in which case they cannot use a bow.

Dragons in humanoid or biped form can use their guild power instead of wing flap if they are not a flier.
No shifting shape on the battlefield for any race.

Ancient Dragon:
Elder and Ancient Dragons are the only dragons allowed specified weapons such as Ancient or Elder Dragon Fire for Elder or Ancient. Age is determined not by RP and dictation but by how long a player has been playing consistently as dragon in SL. An Ancient is currently defined as having three years of role playing as a dragon in the one dragon account. (We do upon occasion have to recognize the diehard SLer *smiles)

Elder Dragon:
An Elder is currently defined as having two years of role playing as a dragon in the one dragon account.

For draken who are playing for 2 or 3 years they may now apply for elder and ancient status also. 2 years for elder will be allowed a spellfire dragon fire and 3 years will be ancient which will be allowed an Adult Celtic dragon fire.

Both dragon and draken ranks must be applied for and approved.

2. METAs (Wyvern and Drake) +20 Health / -0 Stamina
This set includes Angels,Centaurs, Demons, Drakes, Elementals, Griffans, Ogres, Planar Dragons, Trolls, Water Dragons and Wyverns.

These races are extremely powerful and are limited on the Battlefield. Most of the races can fly and are subject to Flier Rules.
There are (to be determined) Meta Slots on the Battlefield for this Racial set.

Drakes are young dragons and can use standard Spell Fire dragon Breath Weapons and Celtic Dragon Claws only (not the Spell Fire dragon claws). They CAN NOT be spell casters. They can not use bows. They can fly and use AC 2.

If a Drake uses a humanoid form it may use humanoid weapons, including bows, but cannot fly or have natural armor. Humanoid avatars must be adults, no child avatars are allowed.


Elemental Dragons are an advanced type of Elemental and not a Dragon at all. They do however look like a dragon and use Breath Weapons and Claws, therefore they take up a Dragon Slot on the Battlefield. They can not be Casters but instead use the Elemental HUD appropriate to their Age. See the Elemental leader regarding this.

They may use breath and claws OR their elemental hud, not both. As they cannot be casters, they may not use a regular guild hud. To date no huds made by Rune Quinnell are legal in GA battles. Check with sim leaders to see if they are allowed in any particular sim.

A gryphon is an Eagle/Cat mix sometimes included in Dragon groups. Large Gryphons can use dragon claws. To use human form they must rp a magical means to do so.. whether by a mage’s amulet or something else.

They may become a druid though not a shaman. Smaller Gryphons may use the Celtic dragon claws or beast claws, depending on their size.

In their gryphon form they cannot use humanoid speech but they may in their humanoid form.

Planar Dragon:
Planar Dragons are considered true dragons but of another plane of existence. They are immortal and must be summoned and banished. A planar dragon can be summoned and banished by a shaman or a necromancer as they are not demonic, just extra planar. A witch or warlock also deals in extra planar so if they ranked at Arch Mage level they can also.

Planar dragons can be mages. They can use Spell Fire dragon claws, Spell Fire dragon fire or adult Celtic dragon fire, but can not use elder or ancient weapons.


Water Dragon:
Water dragons are the same as any other kind of true dragon. The main difference is that they have the stats of a meta and they have much higher air.


Wyverns are essentially dragons whose forearms are merged with their wings. Wyverns can use Spell Fire standard dragon Breath Weapons and Celtic Dragon Claws only (not the Spell Fire dragon claws). They CAN NOT be spell casters. They can not use bows. They can fly and use AC 2.

Humanoid forms may use humanoid weapons, including bows, but cannot fly or have natural armor.

3. BRUTEs (Draken) +10 Health / +10 Stamina
This Racial set consists of the largest group and is made up of not only Races but also a few Military Ranks. General, Commander, Captain, and Sergent being among them.

Brutes can be any single Class and use the spells and weapons available to that Class. There are (to be determined) Brute Slots on the Battlefield.

Draken are Half Dragons
Some have wings and those that do can fly. They can not use bows. They have half the abilities of a dragon.

The draken form is normally a draconian form but may use humanoid and full quad dragon forms also. If they have wings they can have wing flap.

In Battles Draken get a choice of 2 powers out of 5. They may choose:
1) to add AC2 on the meter.
2) flight
3) Celtic dragon claws
4) draken fire
5) hand held weapons

Draken use fire in flight or claws on the ground only, not both.

Outside of Battle depends on the rules of your particular sim or may be flexible, choosing 2 other powers of the 5 depending on physical form.

If using a draken or dragon form, Celtic dragon claws, draken fire, (not dragon fire) and allowed magic may be used only.

Draconian form dragons may not use anything delicate such as a musical instrument or bow.

In human form they may use a bow according to their class. As with dragons and drakes the draken’s human form cannot fly. Human forms cannot use breath or claws, but can use an instrument.

Young draken may use draken or dragon form. As a whelp it can’t assume humanoid form.

Draken can only produce offspring with other draken. As with young dragons (drakes) it cannot be a caster until it is an adult.

Half demon half dragon is a tiefling not a draken and thus not a dragon kin. They would not belong to a dragon group at all. Tieflings of such parents cannot have both fire and flight. They must choose one and if they choose fire, it must be draken fire.

4. DIMINUTIVEs (Fairy Dragon) -10 Health / +30 Stamina
There are (to be determined) Diminutive Slots on the Battlefield.

Fairy Dragon:
The Fairy dragon is a dragon that is smaller than a human avatar. Thus they would use either fae or pixie stats.

All Fliers
Fliers are those races that can fly. These races include All Dragons, Fae, Avariel, Gargoyles, Wyverns, Drakes, Draken (with wings), Angels, some Demons, some Tieflings, some Zephyr, some Vampires, Griffons, Air Elementals, Fire Elementals, Harpy, and Genie.

You MUST wear wings if you are a flying Race. This is to help Identify you as a Flier.

Unless you are an A2G flier with only 30 HP you must take the flying penalty of -30 HP and you may fly no closer to the ground than 20 meters with a 15 meter floor to avoid casting or using claws air to ground.

New RoE rules state that only 2 fliers can be over 115 HP per side in a battle until further notice.

Q: Can Fliers use Bows?
A. The only Fliers that can use a bow in Air to Ground Combat is a Fae or if you are using the flying caster penalty. Due to its very low Hit points. Other higher hit point races that can fly can use a bow air to air or ground to ground only.

Q: Can you cast Magic while Flying?
A. No unless you are engaged in Air to Air Combat or take the flying caster penalty of a max of 30 health. If you do cast magic in flight you must be sure to be at least 20 meters away from a grounded avatar so it does not affect any non fliers.

Q: Can I ride my Pegasus or Dragon into battle?
A: No because vehicles cause a great deal of lag. They can be used for transportation but not in Battles. OR they are an actual Avatar and the player is a high level caviler.


OOC Stalking
Be sure that you do not give an undo amount of attention to any one player unless it is welcomed by them. Stalking is not tolerated.

Rules of Engagement apply to skirmishes unless other wise arranged.

Mind speak
If a dragon is either a mage or an ancient he/she may initiate mind speak with another. If the recipient is neither the dragon will need to either be very close to that person (as in a mate, relative or familiar/companion) or the persons responses will be very weak (unless its another ancient or mage)

All dragons and their kin cannot be made into vampires or possessed. Undead dragons are known to exist. Those vampire dragons already set in their race in the GA will be grandfathered in and will be the only ones of their kind. Mummified, Zombie, Skeletal or Lichdom of dragons and kin are allowed however.

Dragon Senses
Dragons are known for their excellent eyesight so role-playing seeing something at a distance is not unknown as long as there are no obstructions in the way. If you can see it in mouselook its ok.

A dragons sense of smell is a different matter. It was established some time ago that a dragon MIGHT catch a scent under optimal conditions at 30 meters, no more. 20 and less is much more common. Though there are some characters that can hide their scent, notably assassin types and perhaps rangers.

Claws and Spells
In no instance can a dragon or dragon kin use claws on people on the ground while the dragon is in flight. The same goes for casting spells. Be sure you are far enough away from ground troops (at least 10 – 20 meters depending on the HUD) in air to air combat so you do not hit them accidentally. Such a death may result in a judge rezz or discounted in role play.

The only exception to this is if you select the flying caster option on the meter which gives you no more than 30 health.

Only a full dragon can use dragon claws created by Aaron, so those of you who plan on battle as drakes, wyvern and draken may use CelticDragonClaws instead of beast claws. IM me about this if you don’t have them already.

GA Dragon Ranks & Weapons

(Must be applied for to be legal)

Ancient Dragon (3 years Proven continuous rp as a dragon)
Celtic Dragon Claws or Spellfire Claws (v1.3)
Wing flap
(Or any weapon a lesser ranked dragon can use)

Elder Dragon (2 years continuous rp as a dragon)
Elder Dragon Fire
Celtic Dragon Claws or Spellfire Claws (v1.3)
Wing Flap
(Or any weapon a lesser ranked dragon can use)

Adult Dragon (full quad)
Spellfire Dragon fire (v1.2) or Adult Celtic Dragon Fire
Celtic Dragon Claws or Spellfire Claws (v1.3)
Wing Flap

This category includes Planar and Water dragons

Drake (Young Dragon)
Spellfire Dragon fire (v1.2)
Celtic Dragon Claws
Wing Flap

Wyvern (2 legged dragon whose forelegs are merged with wings)
Spellfire Dragon fire (v1.2) or Adult Celtic Dragon Fire
Celtic Dragon Claws
Wing Flap

Ancient Draken (Half Dragon)
Draken fire (20 meter range/2 prims w/3 damage each every 2 second approx.), Spellfire Dragon Fire or Adult Celtic Dragon Fire or Elder Dragon Fire.
Celtic dragon Claws
Wing Flap

Elder Draken (Half Dragon)
Draken fire (20 meter range/2 prims w/3 damage each every 2 second approx.) or Spellfire Dragon Fire or Adult Celtic Dragon Fire.
Celtic dragon Claws
Wing Flap

Draken (Half Dragon)
Draken fire (20 meter range/2 prims w/3 damage each every 2 second approx.)
Celtic dragon Claws
Wing Flap

Fire = fire
Acid = poison
Ice = bleed
Lightening = normal

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