Max Arkala – M4X

Age: 40 terrestrial years (80 Arius cycles)

Native Planet: Arius

Native Town: Galeth

Race: Ariusian (Cyborg)

Occupation: Town council member, engineer, vigilant.


Background: Native of Galeth (Steelwood) , son of one Trainer fundamentalist died during the war against humans. Lost parts of the body during an explosion and replaced the full body with a synthetic one. Not friendly with humans, he has sympathy for the fundamentalists. Trained from the age of 14 to use traditional weapons and modern weapons. Works now undercover as vigilant for the Town council of which he is a member as a cover. He is also the first Steelwood engineer.

STRENGHTS: Increased strength, Increased skin resistance, Increased weapon skills, Increased sight, increased repairing skills.

WEAKNESSES: Sensitive to magnetic fields, Can be remote controlled, Can be reprogrammed, Needs to recharge every 24 hours, Quick-tempered.

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