This is where you get to learn more about this most secretive of shadow arts. OOC you can see if its a guild you really want to be a part of or not. So initiate is a good trial period to test the water. Here are a few IC things for you to have fun with.

1) No one really knows who is a rogue, so ask questions and pick brains to see who knows what.
2) Role play a thieving, pick pocket or steal something from someone. Whether you get caught or not its okay the object
is to get some attention. If it reaches my ears or I see it, I may see some potential, wink, wink.
3) Then after we speak a bit I will send you on your first test (task).

These are a few things that just need to get done for the realm of Steelwood. This will get you caught up with how RP is played here, does and dont’s, and etc.. It will just make everyones RP that much better. All the administrators are super knowledgeable so don’t ever be shy about asking questions. *Tharodan  Guild leader , Max (King)

* Role-play Basics Class
* Perwins Basic Class
* Combat Meter Setup/Rogues Allowed Weapons

Once accepted as an initiate:
Okay so by now you have decided to be a full initiate and you have been welcomed into the shadow. As you progress
in levels you will have more serious tasks from your guild lead, some are to fullfill the main tasks of progress and some may be just to have a good time. The first of these is mastering the thief, not just someone who steals a bunch of stuff, but
someone who knows what is of value and thinks carefully on how to acquire it. Whether it be maps, precious gems, or pulling information out of people, a good thief can be VERY persuasive.
Once you have mastered this art you will move into spy, which can be more dangerous. This will entail visiting other realms for important information, taking info and or gathering. Secretive operations for the wellfare of Steelwood and his majesty and his people. We will go deeper into this when we get to that point.
Most important: have a good time and know that some characters are just nasty and that does not mean get in a fight, hehe.
Be smarter than them, and don’t worry there will be plenty of good fights Im sure.

remember a Rogue does have a code and an Oath to up keep. Although depending on the rogues temperament aka. alignment, the play will always be different for each Rogue.

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