Being an Alien in Steelwood means to be part of a race that is not Human or Ariusian.

When you create an alien, there are no limits to your fantasy or imagination, still a few rules must be followed to avoid problems and maintain the realism of the experience, please respect them and the game will be fun for everyone.

General rules


Try to look as much realistic as possible. Ok, we are speaking of aliens and none knows how they really look like, but we can have certain idea of what is possible and what is not. Being a creature with anime head or that floats in the middle of the air against every physical law, it’s just too much. Same if you want to look like a toon, we are not in toon town so it will just be completely out of place.

Some avatars in Second Life look really fun and nice, but don’t fit the atmosphere of the sim, as always, if you have doubts just ask an admin. Don’t try to force admins to accept your avatar if they say no, it’s useless, they have the last word on this regard.

Really, there is a huge amount of avatars that are admitted, this rule is not a limitation, it’s just to make it all more realistic for everyone.

Also try not to use avatars from tv series or movies, be original.

Anthropomorphic avatars are generally accepted. You can look like an animal on two feet (for example Jomo makes good, realistic looking avatars). Also furries are accepted as long as they don’t look like a cartoon (remember, realism is key here).

Dragons and other mythological creatures are accepted. Just keep in mind that you are supposed to be AN ALIEN, so don’t call yourself with such fantasy names. You may look like a dragon, and some humans may call you dragon (cause they know what a dragon is) but this doesn’t  mean that you are in fact a dragon, you could be a reptilian for example, or some other alien race.

The same rule is valid for other animals. You can look maybe like a big cat or like a wolf or even like a fox, but remember that you ARE NOT these animals. Invent a background story about your race, your planet and more. If good enough, it will be added to the main website and your race will be also available (if you want) to the other players. You will have also the opportunity to make the rules about your race traits and abilities..

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