How to start


Snapshot_011First of all let me wish you great FUN! Remember that you can start to Roleplay ONLY after you filled and submitted your character card, before all this you can visit the sim only in OOC mode using the OOC Tag included in the rules board that you will find in our welcome center.

Click here to go in the welcome center.



You will receive a folder where there are a lot of items. Before starting to play you should choose a race. These are the races admitted in Steelwood. We can add your own race if not in this list, however it must be a Great Alliance approved race. FURRY and CARTOONS races are NOT ADMITTED. Check Races Menu for more informations.
If you want to wait and look around, please remember to wear your OOC Tag and speak with other players in IM or when they are also in OOC mode. DO NOT INTERFERE WITH RP or FIGHTS!

cropped-Snapshot_005.pngCHOOSE A GUILD

Guilds are like your job and family in this Role Playing world. When you join a guild your character becomes much more powerful in many ways. A character without a guild is always at a disadvantage.

Guilds will help provide experience and crucial skills for your character to achieve 3 pertinent levels of expertise. Every guild has different attributes and training.

If you like to fight you can chose a combat guild such as the Warriors or Rangers. You may enjoy the supportive contributions of , for example, Healers, and other Guilds to fulfill your style and choice of career path.

Feel free to contact King Max


Once you have decided to join us, you must fill your character card and send it to the ADMINS. When this is done, you are officially a Steelwood Character and added into the Kingdom storyline. STEELWOOD wants to offer great RP for all members, from the very first day. Don’t be shy! Say, “Hello!”, introduce yourself, RP and have fun in your new adventure! If you have questions, we are here to assist you about your race, guild, and any other matter. Admins List is in the menu of this website.

ACTIVE PARTICIPATION IS REWARDED in STEELWOOD! If you are online often and contribute to the overall life of this sim by assisting , you will rank more easily. The ACTIVE player will have a distinct advantage in the advancement of his or her character over the casual player. REAL LIFE is IMPORTANT…. and so is online time. Please RESPECT each other’s time and one another by not starting or joining a Role Play if you cannot complete and/or conclude it appropriately.



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