Welcome in Steelwood! But, what is Steelwood?

is a town on a planet  called Arius, not so far from Earth … well, if you have a starship!

If you like Sci-fi style roleplay, come to visit us!

Steelwood utilizes Second Life  3D platform, this means that you will meet REAL players from all over the world, you can create your own avatar, with the look that you like more, totally original! You can also stay here and explore only or simply build your own objects or  weapons and maybe sell them and earn REAL money. Not that you will be rich , but all this is real fun and creative.

img-logoThere is more and more to discover, first of all you need to create your free avatar on website, after that download the viewer that will permit to you to enter in this amazing world.

How to find then Steelwood? This is more easy too! Just click the link under here,

Teleport in Steelwood


From next spring Steelwood will start a brand new RP with a lot of totally new and fun things! Due to this we are searching for new staff members. There is not a minimal amount of skills required. In February there will be a meeting with all the candidates where also the details of the new Steelwood will be revealed.
We want to know your opinions from the start ,  so bring your ideas.

Fill the application form to be part of Steelwood’s staff clicking here


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