The Kingdom of Steelwood


Welcome in Steelwood! But, what is Steelwood?

Steelwood Forest
is a town in Second life where people can visit, live or roleplay.

Steelwood utilizes Second Life  3D platform, this means that you will meet REAL players from all over the world, you can create your own avatar, with the look that you like more, totally original! You can also stay here and explore only or simply build your own objects or  weapons and maybe sell them and earn REAL money. Not that you will be rich , but all this is real fun and creative.

img-logoThere is more and more to discover, first of all you need to create your free avatar on website, after that download the viewer that will permit to you to enter in this amazing world.

How to find then Steelwood? This is more easy too! Just click the link under here,

Teleport in Steelwood

you will be teleported straight ( and without pain!) in our Welcome Center where you will find all the instructions. Or just come for a visit!

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